As we already wrote in the article “Language Courses in Torrevieja”, Spanish student visa can be issued for up to 180 days and for one year.

The first visa is a short–term, and is it quite simple to apply, because it does not require a huge package of documents. It is not possible to extend a short-term visa on the territory of Spain.

But it’s another thing in case of a second visa, the annual one. In Spain it is often called the “student residence”, since it gives the right for staying in the country during one year with a possibility of extension (of course, subject to certain requirements).

Today we will talk about the student residence extension in Spain, and what documents are required for this.

Reasons for the Extension of the Student Residence in Spain

The main requirement is that the student has to maintain all grounds on which he was granted the first visa. I.e. the student must pass the exams successfully for the previous year and to be enrolled in the next course. While the study load (number of credits) should not be reduced.

Additionally, the student should confirm that he has sufficient funds to live in Spain, based on the one year budget (he should have an amount not lower than minimum subsistence level IPREM multiplied by 12, on his Bank account). In 2018 the subsistence minimum level is 537, 84 € per month or 6.454,03 € per year. If the student lives in Spain with his family in his custody, it is required an additional 75% of IPREM for the first dependent and 50% of the IPREM for the second and following dependents.

As in the case of any other residence permit in Spain, the student must not have a criminal record in Spain or in the countries where he lived before moving, and should not have been forbidden from entering to Spain

You can apply to extend your study visa at the police office (Extranjería) by place of residence. Deadlines: within 60 days prior to the expiration of resident card or within 90 days after its expiration. Later application may lead to penalty.

The documents are provided by the student personally or by his representative. Residents of Torrevieja geographically belong to the Extranjería Office located in Alicante: Calle Ebanistería 4-6. Office telephones are available on the official website. The appointment is conducted online. Arrival at Alicante without an appointment does not guarantee that you will be attended on the same day.

Documents for the Extension of the Student Residence in Spain

You need to bring originals and copies of documents. All documents issued in a foreign language must be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator.

Required Documents:

  1. Completed and signed application form EX-00 in two copies.
  2. Payment receipt of a registration fee form 790-052.
  3. Original and copy of all pages of valid passport.
  4. Original and copy of Spanish Residence Card (NIE).
  5. If the student changed his place of residence, he must present a new certificate of registration – Certificado de empadronamiento
  6. Original and copy of medical insurance policy. The policy should be issued by insurance companies operating in Spain, and should not have any restrictions (i.e it is about a full coverage sin carencia).
  7. Original and copy of the document on successful completion of the course.
  8. Original and copy of document about payment and enrolling in the next academic year (matrícula) stating the program and the number of academic hours per week.
  9. Minor students residing in Spain without parents, additionally must provide:
    1. Original and an official translation of the exit permit, containing information about the school and study period. The consent must be signed by parents and notarized.
    2. Original and copy of the Spanish notarial deed on the acceptance by the Trustee of obligations under the guardianship of the child in Spain.

The legislation gives to authorities 90 days to review petition and take a decision on the renewal of the student residence in Spain. If you received a letter with the desired “Favorable”, you have to proceed to the next step – obtaining a new plastic card.

To avoid repetitions we will make reference to the article “Long-term residence in Spain“, where we explained how to apply for fingerprints, what documents are required (the requirements are the same for all types of residence), and where residents of Torrevieja need to apply.

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