A municipality in Castellón is determined to put a stop to depopulation by offering houses and jobs to families who want to leave their current life and move less than an hour from the capital of La Plana.

This is the case of Torre d’en Domenec, a small municipality of 158 inhabitants, which has launched a peculiar advertisement aimed at young families who want to carry out their life project in this town. The aim: to put a stop to the depopulation of the interior.

The mayor of Torre d’en Domenec, Héctor Prats, said that “in just one day we received almost 300 calls at the Town Hall asking about our offer”. In fact, such was the volume of those interested that they had to put an extra person on the phone at the Town Hall and, finally, “we have decided that those interested should do so by email”.

In this way, families who want to move to this municipality in Castellón should send their application to info@latorredendomenec.es with a description of the family, where they currently live, the number of children and their concerns.

Héctor Prats maintains that the assessment will be carried out by a company, which will include psychologists because “we want to minimise failure”.

The pandemic and the economic situation forced the family who ran the privately-owned bar to close down. As a result, the council has decided to make the bar of the Hogar del Jubilado ( Senior Citizens Day Centre) available to the family that finally chooses to live in the Torre d’en Domenec, which “is fully equipped” and is owned by the municipality.

Likewise, the dwelling will be in the Abbey house, and for this purpose, the consistory has already started conversations with the Bishopric of Segorbe-Castellón to cede the property of the old priest’s house, which is now uninhabited.

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