In the near future, the province of Alicante plans to expand the system of bike lanes and walkways, the total length of which is more than 35 kilometers. Over the past decade, more than 20 different maintenance works were carried out for a total of 5 million euros, and another 120 thousand euros were spent on the installation of appropriate road signs – including warning signs for motorists.

Whereas previously the development of cycling was owed to aspirations toreduce harmful emissions from vehicles and thus reduce the degree of environmental pollution, now it became relevant in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. The authorities of a wide range of municipalities in Alicante believe that the possibility of spreading of the covid-19 is significantly reduced by cycling.

The bike paths that pass through the main transport routes of the province of Alicante in recent years, include the following:

  • CV-730 – from Denia to Las Marinas;
  • CV-746 – from Calpe to Moraira;
  • CV-753 – from Benidorm to Albir;
  • CV-772 – from San Juan to the beach;
  • CV-828 – from Alicante to San Vicente;
  • CV-859 – from San Fulgencio to highway N-332.

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