A 75,000 square metre sports complex with football, rugby, basketball and volleyball courts in the connection between PAU 4 and 5 in Playa de San Juan. These are the main features of the proposal promoted by the Alicante City Council’s Sports and Town Planning departments to create, in various phases of execution, a new area of public facilities in one of the districts with the greatest deficit of sports facilities.

Specifically, the new facilities planned for PAU 5 would be located in the area around Sergio Melgares Park, forming a sort of boulevard that could complete and condition the perimeter formed by the park itself, between Avenida de las Naciones, Calle Fotógrafo Francisco Cano and the tram line, in accordance with the delimitations included in the Master Plan drawn up by the architectural firm La Herrería. The whole of this area of action would have a surface area of 298,733 square metres.

Thus, the proposal is located on municipal land classified as a green area, compatible with sports use in open or semi-covered facilities. In this line, the first phase of the action includes the development of the sports area, with an approved rugby field; another artificial turf football pitch; two semi-covered courts for multi-sports use, prepared for indoor football, basketball, handball, badminton or volleyball; as well as a climbing wall area and beach volleyball courts and an area for a BMX circuit.

The second phase includes the remodelling of the Sergio Melgares park to favour the connection with the new sports area and improve the treatment of its edges in order to consolidate it. The third phase foresees the creation of a space dedicated to cultural events and leisure, where concerts can be organised, on the site that is now reserved as a camping area for motorhomes, which would be moved to another plot located in the vicinity of the golf leisure area facilities.

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