According to the result of the 10th annual survey conducted by Adecco, which is operating in the field of recruitment, the most demanded specialization in Spain is «Business Management». Almost 11% of vacancy announcements are addressed to holders of the relevant academic qualification, that is 1.6% more than last year.

«Industrial engineering» and «Information technologies» were ranked second and third place of requests − 4.6% and 3.8% respectively, followed by specializations in «Law» (3.6%), «Employment Relations» (3.3%), «Trade and Marketing» (2.7%), «Nursing» (2.5%) and «Economics» (2.1%).

About 40% of offers on the Spanish labor market imply that an applicant has a higher education, and the higher his level, the more likely he would take a good position with a high salary. Most often (in 9.2% of cases) job offers are initiated by the Industrial sector (in 9.2% of cases), Education (8%) and IT (5.9%).

The Autonomous communities of Madrid, Catalonia, and the Basque Country are still the places, where the easiest to find employment for qualified specialists. These Autonomous regions account for 56.5% of vacancies. Andalusia and the Valencian community are also among the top 5, while the worst situation with employment is in Extremadura, La Rioja and the Balearic Islands.

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