The price of rented housing increased by 0.1% in February in the Valencian Community compared to the previous month; however, it fell by -1.4% year-on-year, to stand at a price of 8.28 euros per square metre per month, according to data from the Fotocasa Real Estate Index.

The price of rent has risen in February in two of the three provinces. The sharpest monthly increase was registered in Castellón (+0.9%) and Valencia (+0.2%), compared to Alicante, which fell by -0.4%.

The most expensive province in February was Valencia with 9.04 €/m2 per month, followed by Alicante (7.41 €/m2 per month), while Castellón remained the cheapest with 6.43 €/m2 per month.

The rent price has risen in six of the 14 municipalities analysed in the Valencian Community with a monthly variation. The cities with increases are: Gandía (17.8%), Dénia (5.9%), Paterna (3.8%), Alboraya (3.7%), Santa Pola (3.3%) and Benidorm (1.2%).

The cities with monthly decreases are: Villajoyosa / La Vila Joiosa (-2.5%), Torrevieja (-2.2%), València capital (-0.7%), Alicante (-0.6%) and Castellón de la Plana (-0.4%). On the other hand, three cities maintained their prices unchanged, namely Alcoy (0.0%), El Campello (0.0%) and Elche (0.0%).

With regard to the price per square metre in February, the municipalities with the highest to lowest prices are: Alboraya (11.29 €/m2 per month), Valencia city (9.59 €/m2), Benidorm (9.08 €/m2), El Campello (8.53 €/m2), Alicante (8 €/m2 per month), Dénia (7.77 €/m2), Santa Pola (7.50 €/m2), Paterna (7.15 €/m2), Villajoyosa (7.04 €/m2), Gandía (7.02 €/m2), Castelló de la Plana (6.71 €/m2), Torrevieja (6.54 €/m2), Sagunto (6.49 €/m2 per month), Elche (5.91 €/m2), Alcoy (4.93 €/m2) and Elda (4.43 €/m2).

Thus, the average price of a 100 square metre apartment in Benidorm would be 908 euros per month, according to the Fotocasa Real Estate Index.

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