An interesting world map has been published showing the most desirable countries to live abroad for each nation. This map has been produced by the digital remittance service Remitly by analysing Google search data for 101 countries.

According to Remitly, the number of people wishing to move abroad has increased in the past year 2020. They analysed the average monthly volume of searches for phrases related to changing countries, such as “how to move abroad”. Subsequently, the requests were related to the person’s location with the aim of finding the most desired destinations in each particular country.

It seems that Canada is the most popular country for those who want to move abroad, topping the wish list in 29 countries. In fact, it’s not surprising that this country is above the rest of the world: it’s one of the safest places, has low unemployment rates and offers a wide variety of immigration options, claim the mapmakers.

Behind Canada were Japan and Spain, with 13 and 12 nationalities, respectively, wishing to live there. In fact, the same Canadians and their American neighbours want to go to Japan, a country particularly well known for its breathtaking scenery, high security and wide range of job opportunities.

With regard to the Latin American region, the vast majority of Latinos wish to move to Spain, due to the good quality of medical care, the high levels of general safety and the outstanding quality of life that this European country offers. In contrast, Spaniards prefer to stay in Europe and are attracted by neighbouring France.

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