Between 7 and 11 September, 794,243 children begin their studies in the Valencian Сommunity, that is almost 4,000 more than last school year. The Autonomous government has allocated 207 million euros to guarantee the safety of students and teachers – this is an essential task in the present circumstances. One part of the amount of about 438 euros per student will go to ensure compliance with all sanitary and hygienic standards, and the other one – to pay for labour remuneration of new staff.

In the summer, about 4,400 teachers started working in the public education centers of the Valencian Сommunity, bringing their total number to 76 thousand people. This will allow to meet the requirement for a social distance of 1.5 meters and at the same time form classes so that each of them has no more than 20 students. In addition, the staffing table introduces such a position as «on duty in canteen» (about 3000 vacancies were opened), whose duties include ensuring security at the entrance-exit and inside, as well as lunch distributing in classrooms, if it will be possible to eat there.

As for sanitary and hygienic standards, 86 thousand liters of disinfectant gel, 50 thousand thermometers and 3 million masks were purchased for all schools, which will be obligatory for all children aged 6 years and over. All measures introduced in primary and secondary schools in the Valencian community are available to parents on the website

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