Spain is a tourist destination worldwide, but is it possible to telework from Spain as a digital nomad? Yes, it will. A draft law to promote emerging companies and would lead to the creation of a new visa for remote workers.

More than of the population residing in Spain is from other countries, which is equivalent to more than 5.8 million people. Now, with the creation of a visa for digital nomads, this number could increase.

The pandemic has created many restrictions when traveling to Europe, but also new opportunities for foreign citizens who telework and look for combining international travel with profesional work.
This is the case of the Spanish draft known as the Law for the Ecosystem of Emerging Companies, which would give foreign workers the possibility to live and work from Spain.

How the visa for digital nomads works in Spain

The proposed law defines digital nomads as “people whose jobs let them to work remotely and regularly change residence”.
This profile has the possibility of making “highly qualified work compatible with immersive tourism” in Spain. The international teleworker visa is open to all nationalities, although there are some requirements to be considered an eligible person.

Main requirements:

Foreign workers who want to access the visa for digital nomads in Spain must meet the following requirements:

  • Prove that they carry out work or professional activity remotely for companies based outside of Spain.
  • Being a highly qualified professional (university graduate or postgraduate, with professional training and/or with certificates from a business School.
  • Having a minimum professional experience of 3 years.

The document also shows that, at the time of processing the visa, applicants must demonstrate that:

  • There must be a real and continuous work activity for at least 1 year with the foreign company (s).
  • The international employers authorize remote work.
  • Once this visa has been obtained, this document will be sufficient to guarantee residence and remote work permit from Spain.

How long can you reside in Spain with the visa for digital nomads

“The international teleworking visa allows you to enter and reside in Spain for a maximum of one year,” according to the draft law for emerging companies, promoted by the Spanish government.
The document also shows that citizens can work for themselves or for employers anywhere in the world.

Spanish tax regime for foreign teleworkers

The creation of this visa for digital nomads entails the implementation of a new specific tax regime for this group.
Foreigners who have this Spanish visa will be subject to the income tax of non-residents. Once the law is approved, more news about the expected tax requirements is expected.

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