According to the provisional data of the Real Estate Registry Statistics prepared by the College of Registrars, the annual growth of real estate and housing sales grew by 11.2% in July in the Valencian Community, while in Spain it slowed down.

Therefore, the total of total sales in Spain registered a slight increase of 0.1% in July compared to the year, up to a total of 92,962, while total mortgages registered a fall of 2.9%, up to 43,702 operations.

In relation to the number of total sales in July, compared to the same period of the previous year, there was the greatest slowdown in growth in recent months, which was preceded by a moderation in growth in the month of June. Of the 92,847 operations carried out in July 2021, it went to 92,962 in July of this year, a figure practically the same as that of a year earlier.

This slowdown is also observed in a similar way in housing sales, with slight increases in the last two months compared to the same period of the previous year. In this month of July, 49,177 registrations were reached, 3,000 operations more than in the same month of the previous year, when 45,939 operations were registered.

First fall in mortgages since February 2021

For its part, in total mortgages, 43,702 operations were registered in July, compared to 44,998 in the same month a year earlier. This data represents the first year-on-year decrease since February 2021. As for home mortgages, they barely grew in July, going from 32,585 in the same month last year, to 32,941 this year.

If we measure the evolution by means of the variation rate of sales registered in July compared to the same month of 2021, the clear slowdown in growth in previous months can be better specified. Total purchases have increased by only 0.1% (6.8% in June), with the increase being greater in housing, with 7% compared to 18.3% in June. Regarding total mortgages, they fell by 2.9% (they increased by 8.7% in June), while housing mortgages exceeded them, although only 1.1% (11.2% the previous month).

In relation to the annual evolution of total sales by Autonomous Community, decreases were observed in ten territories. Among the four communities with the highest volume, they decreased in Madrid (-12.9%) and Andalusia (-3%), and increased in the Valencian Community (11.2%) and Catalonia (4.4%). In the rest, the growth of the Canary Islands (20.2%) and the Balearic Islands (15.6%) stand out and, on the negative side, the decreases in La Rioja (-21.0%) and Castilla-La Mancha (-12.4%).

Regarding the total mortgages constituted with respect to July of last year, they decreased especially in Madrid (-34.3%) and Extremadura (-13.7%). On the other hand, they increased more in the Balearic Islands (24.6%), Catalonia (19.1%) and Navarra (15.6%).

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