The local government board of the City Council of Torrevieja has approved this month the start and appointment of technicians of the contracting file of the Service Management and Control of Access to the beaches of Torrevieja by health measures arising from the COVID-19. Federico Alarcón, councillor and secretary of the JGL, reported that this is a multi-year contract for the years 2021 and 2022, with a total amount of 1,881,279 euros -940,639 euros each year.

The purpose of the contract is the provision of adequate staff to carry out the control and monitoring of access and exits of the beaches of Torrevieja, in addition to the control inside the areas intended for stay, so that the occupation is respected at all times in the plots carried out on each beach in order to enforce the safety distances imposed by the Government of Spain because of the pandemic of COVID-19. With this procedure, the City Council assumes that the health context in a year’s time could be similar.

This contract includes three work teams: a team of staff for the control and surveillance on the beaches, a team for the thorough cleaning of public toilets established on the beaches and promenades and footbaths located on all beaches of Torrevieja, plus a service that, prior to the opening of the beaches, and after the closure of the same, proceed to the assembly and disassembly of the elements for the division by sectors of the beaches of the town. Federico Alarcón also announced that the service to be provided is divided into three periods:

  • Low season 1 of Easter (10 days).
  • Low season 2, from 15 to 30 June and from 1 to 15 September (30 days).
  • High season, from 1 July to 31 August (62 days).

The number of staff, toilet and footbath cleaners, and daily assembly and dismantling staff in low season 1 will be 67, while in low season 2, it will be 72, and in high season (July and August), it will be 117. The beach control schedule is established from 8:30 to 20:00 hours on the busiest beaches, and from 10:00 to 18:00 hours on the beaches with the least number of visitors.

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