According to data from CBRE, real estate investment in the first six months of the year in Spain amounted to 9,870 million euros, exceeding the volumes of the same period of the previous year by 80% and closing a first semester with the best data since it has been a historical record.

The retail sector led the investment in this period, with a total volume of transactions above 2,900 million euros, 8 times more than that registered in the first half of the previous year. In this area is BBVA’s purchase of more than 629 branches from Merlin for 1,987 million euros.

The housing sector ranked second in terms of investment, with 2,451 million euros, 71% more, highlighting rental assets (BtR and PRS), which account for 60% of the total investment made in residential properties. Student residences accounted for 19% and coliving (sharing a flat) 18%.

The hotel sector ranked third in investment volume, reaching 1,650 million euros transacted, the best figure for five years in the first half.

The fourth sector with the greatest weight over the total investment was the industrial and logistics sector, which registered 1,175 million euros, with 12% of the total investment. It was followed by the office sector, which maintains its upward trend and transacted close to 1,075 million euros, 27% more.

Finally, the alternative sector registered high activity in the first half of the year, with more than 600 million euros transacted, 53% more than in 2021, with a large number of operations in the health segment, especially residences of the third age.

In fact, the Director of Research at BRE Spain, Miriam Goicoechea, stated that “the investment volumes recorded in the first half of the year show that the real estate sector in Spain continues to be attractive to investors, even in a changeable macroeconomic context. In any case, the existing volatility in the market will lead us to closely follow the evolution of the investment throughout the second half of the year”.

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