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We provide property management services in Spain: search for tenants, check-in and check-out, apartment maintenance, payment of utilities, accompaniment of guests during the lease of apartments in Spain.


If you are planning to buy a property in Spain to rent it out, in our company you can get a full service for the purchase and management of real estate in Spain. We work in the cities of Costa Blanca: Torrevieja, Alicante, etc. and will carry out the delivery of your apartment in Spain for short-term, “winter” or long-term rental.

Options for renting an apartment in Spain:

  • Renting a property in Spain for tourist (short-term) rentals – from June 1 to September 30 for a period of 3 days.
  • Renting property in Spain in the winter rent – from October 1 to May 31, with a fixed monthly fee for rent (utility costs are borne by the tenant)
  • Renting a property in Spain on a long-term lease – for a period of 1 year.

The contract for the management of real estate in Spain is concluded for 1 year with the possibility of automatic renewal. The funds are transferred to your bank account.

The cost of the service – 25% of the cost of rent + annual subscription fee €120.

Pay attention to the service of concierge-service “Alegria”, in which you get additional benefits in the management of real estate in Spain: payment of utilities, internet and TV, monthly reports on the state of the house with a visit to the site, keeping keys, receiving correspondence, organizing repair of household appliances, finding service personnel to fix household problems and malfunctions, etc.


  1. Searching for clients for renting apartments in Spain: placing ads on web portals, "Alegria" sites, distribution of offers through our own database and clients, etc.
  2. Organization of site viewings by potential clients
  3. Receipt of lease-related cash
  4. Acceptance of housing after the lease of the apartment in Spain when evicting the tenants, checking the property for safety
  5. Preparation of the apartment in Spain for renting to new clients, purchase of necessary items for their stay and subsequent cleaning - the cost is withheld from the owner by cheque
  6. Organizing the cleaning of the apartment (in the case of an occupancy payment is made by tenants).

Stages of service provision:

  1. You leave an application on our website or contact us by phone
  2. We send you the contract for property management in Spain to review the conditions
  3. Agree with you and sign the contract
  4. Organizing a rental apartment in Spain

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Anna Zakharenko
office manager


"Renting an apartment in Spain is really profitable, especially when it comes to tourist rentals. However, in order to make a successful investment in this area, to obtain a stable and high income and to reduce the possible risks before buying, you need to do a lot of analytical work. This is necessary, first of all, in order to choose the right object of investment and calculate all the costs. Most likely, you will need the help of a competent realtor and investment consultant. If everything is done correctly, your property in Spain can bring you a profit of up to 10% per annum.

The answer depends on how you want to rent your accommodation - for long-term or short-term (tourist) rentals. In the first case, the registration of a license is not required, while in the second it is mandatory to have on hand a so-called tourist license, or, in other words, to register your property in the register of tourist accommodation (Registro de vivienda turística). The process is rather lengthy, given the slowness of the Spanish bureaucratic system, but if you are going to rent your place, make a license is necessary, otherwise you can run into a very heavy fine. In some cases, objects are sold with a ready-made tourist license, and it is simply reissued to the new owner.

If you rent an apartment in Spain, you have to file an income tax return and pay personal income tax annually. All rental income must be declared, unless the profit does not exceed €1000 per year. However, the taxation procedure differs depending on whether the taxpayer is a resident of Spain or not. The taxpayer is entitled to tax deductions for certain expenses. Read a detailed article on this subject here.

Property management is a service that allows you to profit from your home located in Spain, without the need for personal presence in the country. You can rent out your home for long-term, winter (seasonal) and short-term (tourist) rentals, and you are relieved of all the worries associated with the process. The property management service in Spain includes: finding clients to rent out apartments in Spain; arranging for clients to view the property; receiving payment for the rent; accepting and checking the apartment after the tenants move out; preparing the apartment for new clients, including purchasing everything necessary (the cost is paid by the owner by cheque) and arranging for the cleaning of the apartment.

Alegria Alegria Alegria

Why people trust us

support of the transaction process Special conditions for customers

We provide most of our services to our customers for free. You do not need to pay third parties for supporting the process of buying real estate in Spain - opening a bank account, transferring and apostille documents, paying taxes, obtaining a residence permit and NIE - foreigner numbers, etc. We save your money, and related services are included in the work plan.

We work in different languages Multilanguage services

65 specialists of the company "Alegria" speak English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian and other languages. We fully cover the needs of foreign clients in choosing and buying property on the Costa Blanca, solving domestic, legal and immigration issues.

troubleshooting Warranty service

When buying new buildings Alegria, we offer free warranty service and maintenance of the object in case of any domestic issues. Our company has a special unit - the elimination of problems is carried out by Alegria staff experts, not through a service provider.

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