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New buildings
Alegria presents a new residential complex of business class Alegria XII, just 20 meters from the sea The six-storey house is located next to the beach of Los Locos in Torrevieja. On sale - 29 apartments (with 1,2 and 3 bedrooms). The complex has a spacious chill out zone, a swimming pool with sea water and heated, a Finnish site, a two-level parking. Go to the catalog
purchase savings Favorable price from the builder We work without intermediaries and commissions. You save on the purchase.
warranty Clean deal You acquire housing with a clean legal history and guarantees, which are spelled out in the contract.
we offer Real estate "turnkey" Новостройки Alegria полностью готовы для проживания. Вы заселяетесь сразу после покупки жилья.
smart home system Technology and Innovation Вы не беспокоитесь о качестве и безопасности жилья. Новостройки оборудованы инновационными климатическими системами, системой "умный дом", гидро-, теплоизоляцией и др.

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