Alicante is a sunny tourist city on the Costa Blanca, the second largest after the region’s capital, Valencia. Alicante is one of the most popular tourist cities in Spain. And for good reason, since there is absolutely everything that is needed to spend an excellent vacation: a wonderful climate and clean air, sun, sea, beautiful nature, friendly people, attractions and entertainment for all tastes, delicious food and, Of course, the beautiful beaches of Alicante. It should be noted that all these advantages attract, not only those who are looking for a place to spend vacations, but also those who choose a place to live. If it were not enough, all the advantages mentioned above are complemented by: a well-developed infrastructure, fairly affordable prices, and an excellent quality of education and medical services. However, today we will focus on the best beaches in Alicante city.

The best beaches in Alicante

Today we are going to talk about the best beaches in Alicante city (and its surroundings. Which one to choose depends on your preferences. Some people like to sunbathe in the soft and pleasant sand, others love to dive, exploring the underwater world, for some it is important to have a good coffee and entertainment, and the rest just want to relax and unwind in the middle of nature. On the Alicante coast, everyone will find their favorite corner.

Postiguet beach in Alicante

Beaches of Alicante

  • length: 0.66 km
  • width: 40 m

The Postiguet beach – one of the best beaches in Alicante, loved by tourists and locals. It is located at the foot of Mount Benacantil, crowned by the castle of Santa Bárbara, the symbol of Alicante.
Located in the heart of the city, the Postiguet beach is a real find for those who appreciate comfort. Everything is close! After enjoying the sea and the sun, you can go to lunch at one of the restaurants on the promenade, stroll along the seafront promenade and the famous boulevard Explanada of Spain, explore the historic city center, including the surprising and original Santa Cruz neighborhood, go up to Santa Bárbara Castle and go shopping in the boutiques located in the center of Alicante. All this, a short distance from the Postiguet beach!
The Postiguet beach was included in the list of the cleanest beaches in Europe, and has the prestigious Blue Flag.
The sand on the beach is cleaned every night with special machines. There are practically no waves here. On the beach you will find showers, toilets and sunbeds. However, there is no need for the latter: the sand of the Postiguet beach is very soft, and with a towel you have plenty to enjoy the sun and the sea.
With regard to housing, the houses near the Postiguet beach, that is, in the city center, are in high demand among investors who want to take income from renting. The central area is divided into different neighborhoods. El Casco Antiguo (The old city), where the housing stock is represented by old buildings (the age of some of them is more than 100 years). El Centro Tradicional, where in addition to second-hand housing, there is also a fairly large supply of new construction. The Ensanche-Diputación, is the business center of Alicante, whose real estate market is represented by second-hand homes in high-rise buildings.

The Postiguet beach in Alicante on the map:

San Juan beach in Alicante

  • length: 2.9 km
  • width: 80-90 m

This wonderful beach with white and soft sand, is located in the area of ​​Alicante of the same name, approximately nine kilometers from the center of the city. Along the beach there is a wonderful promenade with many restaurants and cafés.

Пляжи Аликанте

Active tourists will enjoy the opportunity to practice surfing and windsurfing, as well as playing volleyball and beach soccer. Near the beach of San Juan is the district of Alicante Golf, with luxurious golf courses. Many lovers of this sport (mostly English), buy homes in this area.
In the area of ​​San Juan there is a large number of tourist accommodation, mostly apartments. On the beachfront, the housing park is represented by old buildings. Neighborhoods with new homes can be found from the 10th line of the beach. There is a great demand for new build homes in this area. The San Juan Beach area is considered prestigious, and is suitable both for investment in housing for rent, and for the permanent residence of families.

San Juan beach in Alicante on the map:

Albufereta Beach in Alicante

  • length: 0.423 km
  • width: 20 m

The small and cozy beach of Albufereta in Alicante, with a calm sea and soft white sand, is located at the northwest end of the city, approximately three kilometers from the city center. The beach is in a closed bay, so there are no waves here.

This is an ideal place for families with children: the sea here is shallow, and there are many playgrounds nearby.
In the Albufereta beach area, you will find housing developments and residential complexes with swimming pools, green areas, parking and other services. The homes here are usually bought by Spaniards and foreigners with income above average. This area is ideal to reside permanently, because there is everything you need to lead a comfortable life: excellent transport connections, schools, shops, clinics, sports complexes, etc.

Albufereta beach in Alicante on the map:

Almadraba Beach in Alicante

  • length: 0.75 km
  • width: 6 m

The small beach of sand and pebbles of Almadraba, located between the beaches of San Juan and Albufereta, is suitable for those who like to rest and relax in a quiet and isolated place. The beach is located in a small bay, and there are usually few tourists here.

The rocks protect this beach from the winds. This beach is ideal for diving lovers. It is also ideal for children, since the sea here is shallow, the water is warm and there are practically no waves. In addition, there are playgrounds near the beach.
A small note for romantic people: the beach Almadraba is considered one of the best places in Alicante to enjoy the sunset.
In terms of housing, the Almadraba beach is located in the districts of San Juan and Albufereta, which are considered prestigious. The homes here are bought by those who have above-average incomes, both for permanent residence and for rent.

Almadraba beach in Alicante on the map:

Saladar-Urbanova beach in Alicante

  • length: 1.9 km
  • width: 54 m

Saladar-Urbanova is a beautiful sandy beach located south of Alicante, near the airport, in the new residential district of Urbanova. This beach is very clean, not very busy and quiet, but sometimes there are waves here. On the beach of Saladar-Urbanova there are sun loungers, sun umbrellas, toilets and showers for the feet.
The Urbanova neighborhood is mainly composed of modern high-rise residential complexes with swimming pools and other amenities. There are also terraced houses, located in small gated communities. It is a quiet residential area, clean and comfortable, perfect for family life.
The only disadvantage of the Urbanova neighborhood is its proximity to the airport: the planes take off and land flying very close to the neighborhood. It is possible that someone does not like this noise, however, most of the advantages available here, overcome this small inconvenience, and people are happy to buy the property here.

Playa del Saladar-Urbanova in Alicante on the map:

Calas del Cabo de la Huerta in Alicante

This incredible place, located east of Alicante, is a cape with picturesque rocky beaches. There are very few people here: this place is not suitable for lovers of traditional beach vacations. Here come those who want to relax from the hustle and bustle, enjoy the sun and the sound of the waves, or snorkel while enjoying the underwater world. For children, this is a very interesting place: they love to observe the life of the marine animals that live among the stones next to the shore.
There is also a nudist beach in Alicante: this isolated place is the best place to practice nudism.
The residential area adjacent to Cabo de las Huertas, has long won the title of “luxury neighborhood”. In its territory are villas that are expensive, in their majority, and closed urbanizations with prestigious housing. Tourist rent here is also expensive, which allows investors to make good profits.

Calas del Cabo de la Huerta in Alicante on the map:

Muchavista beach in Alicante

  • length: 3.95 km;
  • width: 300 m.

This is another beach, worth mentioning, although it is not found in the city of Alicante. Muchavista beach is a continuation of San Juan beach, and is located in the coastal area of ​​the municipality of El Campello, adjacent to Alicante.

Пляжи Аликанте
This long and wide sandy beach, which merges with the beach of San Juan of almost three kilometers in length, is one of the best places in Alicante to walk and run. The beach is very clean, also equipped with everything you need to spend a good time: sunbeds, umbrellas, playgrounds, beach volleyball, etc. Muchavista beach has the prestigious Blue Flag.
Along the beach stretches the wide and beautiful promenade, perfect for walking. Here you will find many restaurants with excellent cuisine.
The real estate market of El Campello is represented by low-rise housing (mainly villas, townhouses, and terraced houses), and high-rise buildings with modern apartments and flats. Directly next to the Muchavista beach, there are new residential complexes, equipped with parking, swimming pools and green areas. Due to its proximity to the beach, the houses in El Campello are rented with ease. It also fits perfectly for those wishing to reside permanently, due to its excellent infrastructure and transport, a warm climate, relaxed atmosphere and the proximity of Alicante city (about 10 km). These are the main advantages of El Campello.

Playa Muchavista in Alicante on the map:

As you can see, in Alicante, everyone can find a beach to their liking. Do you want to be at the center of the action and feel part of the tourist lifestyle? Go to the Postiguet beach. Do you want to lie on soft sand and enjoy the warm and clear sea, but you are a little tired of the tourist crowds? Then, your choice is the San Juan beach, Albufereta beach or Saladar-Urbanova beach. Do you want to snorkel or are you looking for nudist beaches in Alicante?

Welcome to the Calas del Cabo de la Huerta. Would you like to run or take a nice walk on the beach? Visit the beaches of San Juan and Muchavista. Almost all the beaches of Alicante are ideal for families with children, especially Albufereta and Almadraba. And if you decide to buy a home in Alicante, and think about which beach area you should choose, the professionals of the company «Alegría» will be happy to help you choose the best option, to satisfy your preferences and budget.

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