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Customer reviews

  1. Evgeniya Kozlenko

    We bought a beautiful apartment completely online in March 2021 with Tatiana Stepanenko's help. We're from the U.S. and initially weren't sure about purchasing a property online. We did a lot of research about buying property in Spain, in Torrevieja in particular, and decided to work with Tatiana who was very helpful, available, and gracious the entire time which was about 4-5 weeks. When we looking for a property, she was not pushy, but she did make us aware of the market situation. She led us through the process and made it seem much easier than it looked. If there was a time she did not pick up the phone, she would call back as soon as she could. With her help, we bought a very nice apartment in a beautiful building, just like what we envisioned. Thank you, Tatiana! Almost forgot to mention that Alegria (Yuriy) picked us up at the airport free of charge because we purchased a property with them. We also rented a crib and high chair for a month from them. Everyone we have dealt with at Alegria has been simply great!

  2. Philippe

    I can not speak any word of russian. Nonetheless, I decided to let Sales Manager Julia Kalinina move my flat for me. We had a great deal of problems to sell the flat. I had to go half a dozen times to the agency in Alicante. First, the Team is fantastic to solve problems. Second, russian people work very well, which I did not know and discovered here. They work better than in France ( I have sold 2 flats in Paris and know what I am saying ! ) Third and last but definitely not least : Real Estate Kallinina Yulia is nice to chat and very efficient as a professional on the battlefield. I therefore highly recommend Yulia as your mediator. Real Estate Agency Alegria are a great team for any business and, I am sure, Mrs. Yulia Kalinina is the perfect Real Estate Agent for a perfect move in the spanish real estate market. I am very satisfied with Alegria Real Estate ; I highly recommend Yulia as a real estate agent. My satisfaction is 5/5. If I Had a 2nd flat to sell now, I would immediately call Alegria and call Yulia !!

  3. Pascual

    Excelente servicio y grandes profesionales . Después de tener nuestro piso en venta durante más de dos años en otra inmobiliaria, en tan solo 5 la inmobiliaria Alegria ha conseguido venderlo. Destacar la amabilidad y profesionalidad de Dánae que es la persona con la que hemos tratado. Sin duda más que recomendable

  4. Alex Sachyk

    I recently purchased real estate in Finestrat, I really enjoyed the service I received from the agent Andrei Samylin and legal assistance from Maria Didenko.

  5. Ilona

    We recently bought two apartments with Alegria, the manager Yaroslav Blokhin worked with us. We are glad that we chose this company, and we are very glad that we had to work with Yaroslav. We bought apartments remotely, but throughout the entire process we felt confident and safe, thanks to Yaroslav's experience and his ability to communicate. After the purchase, Yaroslav also took care of renting an apartment and helped us with all the questions. We thank him sincerely. I recommend this company to everyone.

  6. Lusina

    I wanna leave my grateful comment regarding great job that Alegria did, especially my property agent Daniela, she is amazing young lady, very professional and client oriented. I bought my apartment from A to Z online. It was such a great experience with no hustle at all. Thank you Daniela for such a wonderful work. Wishing all the best for Alegria team and further prosperity!

  7. Aaron Hunjan

    The service from this estate agent was amazing couldn’t of asked for more, Maria and Daniela were great help and provided a professional service.



  9. Rajeev Sharma

    My special thanks to Kiril Fedrov of Alegria Estate, Torrevieja for his consistent support, quality services and sharing precise market information that helped me to take financially profitable decisions. I recommend Alegria to everyone as a professional and trustworthy real estate company.

  10. Jhon Milton

    Thank you for your service !

  11. Briony

    Thank you Alegria for finding us our perfect home in Alicante... and special thanks to the lovely Daria who has continually assisted us in an enthusiastic and friendly way, long after we've moved in!

  12. Olga

    I want to thank Denis Kurbatov for his great work, punctuality and professionalism. Denis is able to listen to the client, offer solutions without imposing his point of view. Denis acts not just as a real estate agent but as his true assistant. I will be happy to recommend him to my friends.

  13. Meruzhan

    Thank you very much from Ukraine! I was very lucky to meet the director of the company "Alegria", Jan. Great professional in his field! Although its greatest virtue, and what stands out most, is how humble it is. I bought real estate with the help of "Alegria" many times. The purchase process was easy and without complications. Also, after the purchase, they help you with any questions. I recommend it to everybody! Working with them is easy and enjoyable. Do not hesitate to go to "Alegria".

  14. Mrs Virpi Herranen

    I am writing to thank your Company for excellent service. We have been searching for us new winter time rent apartment in Torrevieja area several weeks without result until we spoke with your employee Ms Vera Ilomäki. I am very grateful for her active and inspired contribution in finding us an apartment from your selection and helping us to make rent agreement for 7 months Oct 2019 - Apr 2020. I truly appreciate your Company policy and the interest she has shown in helping us. Thank you once again and I wish your Company every success in your work. Sincerely, Mrs Virpi Herranen

  15. Dmitry Svistoplyasov

    I want to express my gratitude to the excellent construction and investment company "Alegria". The employees work as a team, they are always happy to see you, and they are always very cheerful and in a good mood. I want to especially thank Vladimir Serebryakov, Kirill Fyodorov, and Kristina Luneva. Well done guys! Keep it up!

  16. Vladimir Serebryakov

    Some people think that life is predestined, and others believe that everything is part of chance and coincidence. In my case, both have a very important role with my current situation in "Alegria". I met this team in 2013, when my friends and I came to Spain on vacation. We chose an apartment for rent on a random web page. And six months later, my friend bought that house with the help of the company. And not just one! At the end of the holidays I stayed in SpainAt the end of the holidays I stayed in Spain for a while longer. And it happened that now I work in this wonderful and friendly team. Thing of fate? Might be. But I am very happy here, because I am witnessing how the company is growing and developing. From being an ordinary real estate agency, it has become one of the most important promoters in the city. The orange balconies, the hallmark of the company, and the trademark "Alegría", can be found not only in different parts of the city, but also in other cities. As, for example, in Benidorm. Many people, no longer dozens, but hundreds, have become not only customers of the company, but also good friends. I wish the company the greatest success and prosperity!

  17. Natalie Graf

    Despite going through certain difficulties during the purchase process of the apartment, the company managed to satisfy all our requests and wishes. Everything was done on time, and in a professional manner. I want to especially thank Evgeny Burlachenko. He is a great professional, he works competently, and he knows how to approach the demands of each client. I agree with the previous answers, the employees of this company are not intrusive, on the contrary, they are always correct. Have more successes in this field and new projects! ?

  18. Igor Petrushin

    I want to thank the company for the apartment they selected us in Torrevieja. We love living in this beautiful city. The team of "Alegría" are true professionals in their field. I have not met such kind people for a long time. Special thanks to the owner of the company, Jan Weinruhu, for bringing such joy to this city. May you have great success and prosperity!

  19. Krzysztof and Tatiana

    We were looking for an apartment for us in different Spanish agencies, and a German one. But we did not like their offers. Accidentally, we went through the "Alegria" office, and the first person we met was Eugene B. The housing offer in "Alegria" is much better, and the company's specialists have made the right decisions in the homes selected for us. We bought the one we finally wanted, at a good price. The buying and selling process has been very easy for us, with the help of Eugene. We had many questions, because this was the first time we bought a property in Spain, and we have received all the answers immediately. We are very happy, and we recommend both the company "Alegria" and Eugene :-) Krzysztof and Tatiana

  20. Elena

    Great company! "Alegria" is formed by a team of professionals, with good customer service. The key of a business is in the person who runs it. The CEO of "Alegria", Jan, is oriented towards the customer and their needs. He is a humble person. I will recommend this company to my friends and acquaintances, since I hired their services, and I am sure that here, on Facebook, all the comments of the clients are real. The comments left here serve to express gratitude for the excellent service and assistance provided. Thanks Jan and Aliya! You do not see this every day.

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