Alicante is a dynamic, modern and multifaceted city of the Valencian Community that traditionally attracts investors from all over the world, and that is able to satisfy any client’s needs. The housing market of Alicante includes all types of real estate: from stylish studios and small budget apartments to modern cottages and villas, while the price per square meter can greatly vary depending on the area. Today we will take a walk around the city and will visit the best neighborhoods of Alicante to live in.

The formation of the price per square meter of housing in Alicante is influenced by various factors. Firstly, it is necessary to take into account the type of property: a new building or a resale, and if it is a secondary housing, then the age of a building is of considerable importance. Secondly, the infrastructure of the area is also very important: public transport, supermarkets, schools, pharmacies, banks, etc. Thirdly, the location plays a big role: nearness to the sea, parks, walking areas.

Besides, the national composition of the inhabitants of a given area should not be discounted. In Alicante, there is a clear correlation between the well-being and security of the neighborhood and its housing prices. Below we will try to tell you about the best areas of Alicante for living and buying property.

The Best Neighborhoods of Alicante – Playa de San Juan – El Cabo

The most attractive and comfortable area to live in and, accordingly, the most expensive area of Alicante is Playa de San Juan – El Cabo. In turn, it is divided into four microdistricts: Playa de San Juan, Cabo de las Huertas, La Albufereta and Alicante Golf.

This zone is built up with modern residential complexes, each of which has its own territory with swimming pools, sports fields, children’s and park areas, outdoor and underground parking.

According to the portal, the average cost per square meter of housing on the secondary market in these neighborhoods is the following:

1-bedroom2-bedroom3-bedroom4-bedroom and more
Playa de San Juan2.982 €/m223.111 €/m2.909 €/m22.624 €/m2
Cabo de las Huertas3.096 €/m22.982 €/m23.146 €/m22.520 €/m2
La Albufereta2.430 €/m22.533 €/m22.250 €/m22.126 €/m2
Alicante Golf2.445 €/m22.774 €/m22.063 €/m21.951 €/m2

Prices for new housing in the neighborhood of Playa de San Juan – El Cabo start from 333.000 € for a standard 2-bedroom apartment in a residential complex (with garage space).

Initially, property here was purchased mainly as vacation housing. However, subsequently, with the development of infrastructure, the northern area of Alicante began to enjoy increasing popularity. Nowadays, the zone of Playa de San Juan – El Cabo has become a place of permanent residence for Spanish, as well as British and many other foreign buyers. An important role is played by the proximity to two magnificent beaches, where one can relax and engage in various sports all year round.
The Best Neighborhoods of Alicante – Centro Tradicional
Among other best areas of Alicante, the historical center – Centro Tradicional can be called. Unlike the area of Playa de San Juan – El Cabo, this central area is represented by an old housing stock. Some buildings can be up to 100 years old! However, do not be afraid, because these houses are regularly renovated and repaired, and in terms of layouts and apartment space, they often differ advantageously from new buildings. With a certain amount of luck and the assistance of a professional realtor, you can find an apartment in excellent condition that does not require a serious investment in its repairs.
The average cost per square meter of housing in the secondary market is the following:

1-bedroom2-bedroom3-bedroom4-bedroom and more
Centro Tradicional3.114 €/m23.072 €/m22.753 €/m22.819 €/m2

Residents of the central district of Alicante often choose for recreation the city beach of El Postiguet, located at the foot of the Santa Barbara fortress. You can easily walk to the beach – there is no need to take a car and then look for parking. In addition, all the main shops and boutiques of the city as well as the railway station are concentrated in the centre.

The Best Neighborhoods of Alicante – Ensanche-Diputación

We also recommend paying attention to the nearby business district – Ensanche-Diputación. Here you can find excellent apartment options at a reasonable price. This neighborhood is closely adjacent to the centre and is therefore no less convenient in terms of infrastructure, transport and other necessary services. The city beach, sports port, railway and bus stations are a stone’s throw.

The average cost per square meter of housing in the secondary market is the following:

1-bedroom2-bedroom3-bedroom4-bedroom and more
Ensanche-Diputación2.440 €/m22.890 €/m22.165 €/m22.265 €/m2

As with the area of Centro Tradicional, when choosing an apartment here, you will have to limit yourself only to the secondary market due to the lack of new buildings.

The Best Neighborhoods of Alicante –Vistahermosa

Vistahermosa is another interesting neighborhood of Alicante that we want to recommend you. This is the area that borders La Albufereta and can compete with it in terms of housing prices.

Vistahermosa is located in the northern part of the city, and it was originally conceived as an area of low-rise buildings. However, as it developed and improved, changes were made to the construction plan: several high-rise residential complexes have been erected here now and the construction of new housing is still being built. This area differs favorably with its convenient layout: there are many pedestrian amenities and parks, playgrounds, and cycle paths. Also, there are own supermarkets, a shopping center, children’s educational institutions. Vistahermosa is a perfect place for permanent residence, especially for the elderly and for families with children.

The average cost per square meter of housing in the secondary market is the following:

1-bedroom2-bedroom3-bedroom4-bedroom and more
Vistahermosa2.491 €/m22.402 €/m22.476 €/m22.032 €/m2

There are also comfortable new buildings in this area. Currently, the cost of a 2-bedroom apartment here starts from € 194.000.
Which neighborhood did you like the best?

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