Elite areas of Alicante

Recently, we have already done an overview of the areas that are attractive for buying real estate and for having a rest in Alicante. In this article we would like to share some information about the places that are classified as “elite” areas of Alicante.

The demand for luxury real estate in the city of Alicante which is the capital of the province with the same name is not like in Madrid or Barcelona and does not have such a rich choice. However, with the end of the financial and economic crisis the demand for such a real estate is increasing every day and, respectively, the elite areas of Alicante also cause more interest among potential buyers. To know how to buy property in Spain, read our article “10 tips for buying property in Spain”.

Cabo de Las Huertas (Cabo de las Huertas)

Unlike many Spanish cities the most prestigious areas in Alicante are those that are close to the sea. Cabo de las Huertas is famous among the locals as “barrio de lujo” (the luxury area). It consists mainly of urbanisations and privat villas. The price of these houses ranges from 350 thousand up to 6 million euros and a pleasure to rent them during the holidays would cost about 1500-6000 euros per month. Although, in this elite area of Alicante there are also very attractive offers that have a lower price.

Cabo de Las Huertas on the map:

Playa de San Juan (Playa de San Juan)

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Cabo de Las Huertas is bordered by two more areas that fit the definition of the elite areas of Alicante: Albufereta and Playa de San Juan. Despite the territorial distinction on the map, Cabo de Las Huertas can be named as a part of the Playa de San Juan- By the prestige level these areas are approximately equal. It is not surprising that the name of the last one includes the word “playa” (“beach”) because it is a great advantage of this area. If earlier people were buying there mainly “real estate for vacations”, now, with the development of all necessary infrastructure, more and more buyers are making their choice in favor of permanent residence.

Throughout the beach that is 7 km long there are not only cafes and restaurants, but also changing rooms, places for water sports, beach football and volleyball, as well as children’s playgrounds. This elite area of Alicante is the most suitable for families that want to live in a comfortable and peaceful environment. The average price of the apartments in the área of Playa de San Juan is about 300-350 thousand depending on the zone, location and time of construction of the building. The prices of villas, chalets and bungalows are about 1.5 million.

Playa de San Juan on the map:


To the West of the Playa de San Juan and very close to the city center there is La Albufereta, one more area from the category of the elite areas of Alicante. La Albufereta is mostky a set of urbanized and multi-storey residential complexes with private pools, green areas, tennis courts, etc. They are inhabited by the Spaniards and foreigners with an above-average income. Mosto of them are living there throughout all the year. It is facilitated by the presence of a sufficient number of schools, supermarkets, medical centers, sports complexes and other components of infrastructure that are necessary for a comfortable life. In terms of prices, Albufereta is comparable to Playa de San Juan. Although, with an equally high demand for housing, the supply is more limited.

Albufereta (Alicante) on the map:

In some cases, under the definition of the elite areas of Alicante there is also a historic center of the city. There, for example, next to the famous Boulevard Explanada de España you can find some apartments in the buildings of the last century at a price of 4000 euros per square meter.

The proximity of the beach of El Postiguet, as well as of the many commercial and entertainment venues, bars and restaurants, the famous shopping street Maissonave and a bus and train station nearby represents a big advantage. However, it is not easy to find here a suitable option that would allow you to make a deal without an additional investment in real estate. It is better to ask for the help of a professional consultant or realtor that will assist you with a selection of suitable housing.

In the company “Alegria” you can get not only an advice about an area for the purchase of real estate, but also the list of suitable objects based on your criteria. Right now you can get acquainted with all offers in our catalogue of actual offers – real estate in Alicante.

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