The cost of a swimming pool will depend on various factors, such as its size, the construction materials, the land where it is to be installed, the purification equipment, the heating and even its orientation. However, the average price of building a swimming pool can be as much as 14,000 euros.

Depending on the type of pool we want for our home, we will have to take into account other additional costs, such as the construction project and the building permit, which together will be around 2,000 euros more. If we also want to install an outdoor shower and fit out the entire area surrounding the pool area, the budget will be in excess of 20,000 euros.

Nor should we forget that in order to enjoy certain types of swimming pools, municipal taxes must be paid, which can be around 2,000 euros, depending on their characteristics and the Autonomous Community in which they are located, as well as annual maintenance of between 500 and 1,000 euros.

As their name suggests, they require building work for their installation. They are usually made of concrete, covered with gresite, which makes them the most durable of all. However, as they require delimiting the hole, placing the pool, installing the pipes and purification systems, adding complements such as stairs or trampolines, and the final finish, they require several weeks for their use and enjoyment and, naturally, they are the most expensive.

However, given that this is a product that will last for many years, if it is properly maintained, it is advisable to choose top quality materials, carry out an excellent study of the land on which it is to be built and opt for a minimum size of 10m2. In-ground pools usually cost approximately 700 euros per m2.

Prefabricated swimming pools are easier to install than the masonry ones. Although they require the excavation of the hole in which they are to be placed (if they are not elevated), both their shape and their pipes are already factory-prepared.

Therefore, once they have been placed in the hole, all that is required is the installation of the liners (which can be polyester and fibre or steel and liner), the water and electricity connections, respectively, and the installation of the purification equipment.

There are also prefabricated above-ground or semi-raised pools. Their use is becoming more and more common, as they do not require excavation, although an architect must assess the feasibility of the work, calculate the weight of the pool and the weight that the floor can support.

Prefabricated swimming pools cost on average 30% less than those built on site. Their price will depend mainly on their dimensions and the quality of the materials, although their average price is between 8,000 and 10,000 euros, including installation.

The great advantage of this type of pool is that they can be installed in any space. In this case, it is not necessary to hire an architect to assess their viability, but we do need to find out whether it is legal to install them where we want to do so and how much weight the structure in which we want to place them can support.

Demountable pools are usually made of PVC, wood and galvanised steel, although they can be made of various materials. They are assembled using a kit, which includes the structure, a water pump, a hoover and a filter. As the name suggests, they can be dismantled if they are not in use, or they can be kept all year round if they are adequately covered and insulated.

Their price varies depending on their dimensions and the materials used in their construction, although they usually cost between 1,000 and 5,000 euros.

On the other hand, inflatable pools are by far the cheapest option. In addition, they can be placed almost anywhere and only require a pump to inflate them and some structures to support them, if they are minimally large.

Their maintenance is also minimal: it is done with a filter, which is usually included, that helps to keep the water clean. And its price is the best thing, as we can enjoy a quality one from 100 euros.

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