Polop, Alicante, Spain, currently known as Polop de la Marina, is a municipality in the province of Alicante, located in the comarca of Marina Baja, at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level, and 13 km from the Costa Blanca. According to the 2016 census, 4549 people live in Polop. This is a very quiet city, ideal for those who want to live in the countryside. Polop borders the municipalities of Benidorm, Benimantell, Callosa de Ensarriá, Finestrat, Guadalest, and La Nucia.

Polop is perfect for family life. Here you will find everything you need to live with your family: kindergartens and schools, including one of the best bilingual schools on the Costa Blanca, playgrounds, sports clubs, etc.

Life in Polop is very quiet and harmonious, because it is far from the hustle and bustle of coastal cities. However, if someone feels bored and wants some fun, the coast is just around the corner, where tourist life is livelier.

Polop, Alicante: weather y nature

In Polop, the weather is warm and pleasant during most of the year. Most of the precipitation falls here in winter, and the summer is usually dry and hot. The average annual temperature is 17.2 °C.
Polop is surrounded by mountains (Monte Ponoig), ravines (Barranco de Salt and Barranco del Canet de Xirles) and forests. The local landscapes were a source of inspiration for the Spanish writer Gabriel Miró (1879 – 1930).

The Guadalest mountain river serves as a natural boundary between Polop and the neighbouring municipality of Callosa de Ensarriá. Lovers of conquering the mountain peaks will discover the Mount Ponoig (1181 m), and the nearby Puig Campana peak (1406 m), the second highest peak in the province of Alicante.

Those who love hiking, mountaineering, or just going for a walk in nature, fall in love with this place at first sight. These are some of the advantages of living in Polop:

  • The pure mountain air.
  • The stunning views.
  • Its well-developed infrastructure: in Polop there is everything you need for a full life (shops, supermarkets, schools, bars, restaurants, a large sports complex with swimming pool, tennis courts, etc.).
  • The proximity of the beaches: only 13 km away are the beaches of Benidorm, and 22 km away are those of Calpe.
  • The proximity of large tourist cities with lots of entertainment: in just 20 minutes, you reach Benidorm, and in 50 minutes, Alicante.
  • The proximity of other places of interest to Polop: waterfalls Fuentes de Algar (30 minutes by car); Guadalest, the beautiful mountain city (20 minutes by car); the Aitana Safari (1 hour by car).

Polop: things to do y to see

The city of Polop is a great place to stroll: the narrow streets of the city are full of history and secrets. As the archaeological remains attest, in the modern city of Polop, there was an Iberian settlement. Throughout its history, Polop has stood out for its strategic position as a military enclave thanks to the castle that crowned the hill. The city itself was founded in the 10th century by the Moors. At different times, Polop belonged to different cultures that were reflected in the appearance of the city. The main attractions of Polop are its medieval wall, the ruins of an Arab fortress, the church of San Pedro, and the Sanctuary of the Divina Aurora of the eighteenth century.

Polop is a city where traditions are honoured: from generation to generation, artisans transmit the secrets of handicrafts, and the result of their work can be found in souvenir shops, markets and local fairs. The main fair, the Medieval Market in Polop de la Marina, is held in Polop in early June of each year. People dress in traditional medieval costumes and decorate the streets of the city, creating an atmosphere set in the Middle Ages. In numerous kiosks they sell a wide variety of interesting things: clothes, decorative items, toys, handicrafts, food (cheeses, sausages, sweets, bread, etc.), drinks, and much more.
At the beginning of October, in Polop, the holidays are celebrated in honour of the patron of the city, Saint Francis of Assisi, and in August, the city meets for the holidays, which last several days with abundant food and drinks, joyful processions, songs, dances, and performances of local bands.

Polop, Spain: restaurants and gastronomy

The basis of the economy of the city of Polop is agriculture. Many varieties of vegetables and fruits are grown here, including the famous medlar. In the surroundings of Polop, you can see the fields, covered with special material. This is where the loquat is grown. The material protects the trees from the sun, and the fruits from the birds, which like mature medlars very much. The medlar, serves as raw ingredient for a variety of dishes in this area. In the local markets you can find jams, tinned foods, drinks, wines, spirits, candies and many more things made of this amazing fruit.
If we keep talking about the local cuisine, Polop is a true find for gourmets looking to taste the traditional dishes of each area. In the restaurants of Polop, they will be offered traditional Valencian and Mediterranean dishes, and local dishes, which are distinguished by their high caloric content. And, of course, not a single Spanish meal is complete without wine! If you try for the first time the cuisine of any area of Spain, it is essential to try the local wine, to get all the fullness of the tasting. In Polop, you will definitely be offered to try Mistela, the local liquor, which stands out for its amber colour and sweet taste.

Polop, Spain: property

For those who decided to choose Polop, whether to live, or to spend the holidays, and, in addition, they intend to buy a home here, we have collected information about the real estate market of Polop, according to data from May 2019. In Polop You can find a wide variety of homes: flats and apartments, detached houses and terraced houses, bungalows, penthouses, villas, etc.

The average price of property in Polop, according to the Idealista website, is € 1552 per square meter, which is significantly lower than in Benidorm or Finestrat (€ 2078 and € 2033 respectively). A rural house in Polop can be purchased from € 49,000, a more modern small house, in the second-hand market, from € 58,000, and an apartment from € 50,000. However, low-cost housing in Polop will probably require a significant investment in repairs.

The best option is new build homes in Polop. The city is gaining more and more popularity among buyers and investors, and the city is being actively built. The new build homes in Polop, are built according to the latest quality standards, using the best materials. Special attention should be paid to the modern villas in Polop. There are affordable villas for only € 298,000, and beautiful villas with sea views from € 430,000, intended for those who appreciate style, comfort, and new technologies, but want to live in the countryside. The luxury villas, made to measure at the foot of the mountains of Monte Ponoig, are an excellent option to obtain the “Golden Visa”. In Polop you can also find modern new build apartments at a reasonable price, from € 155,000, and terraced houses, from € 197,500.

Polop, Alicante, on the map:

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