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The completion date is: 2024 year
from € 120000
Prorerty type Apartments
Number of apartments 23
Number of floors 5
Parking Yes
Balcony Yes
The object directly from the developer Alegria

Dear clients, friends!

We present to your attention one- and two-bedroom apartments at unprecedentedly low prices in an excellent new modern building, "Alegria 22," in the center of Torrevieja! There are 23 cozy apartments with carefully thought-out layouts, a high-speed elevator, and a rooftop communal relaxation area with a sauna and barbecue. There is also an underground parking for 18 cars! All apartments are delivered with high-quality full interior finishing, installed double-glazed windows with increased thermal and sound insulation. Please note that all units in the building are fully equipped with household appliances from well-known brands, air conditioners, shower cabins, as well as furniture from leading Spanish manufacturers!

The building is located in an excellent area in the city center, with a well-developed infrastructure. Nearby there is a school, numerous supermarkets, and pharmacies. The distance to the sea is 500 m, to the central square of the city - 400 m. Construction is carried out in collaboration with Spanish banks Sabadell, La Caixa, and BBVA, which significantly simplifies the mortgage process. The expected completion date for the building is October-November 2024. The interior finishing stage is currently underway.

Hurry up! Due to very low prices, our company has received many pre-orders for apartments in this complex!

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About new building

Alegria 22

Located in the centre of the city

  • All the infrastructure of the centre of Torrevieja at your disposal
  • The wonderful Playa del Cura beach, is just a few minutes walk
  • The area offers a great variety of shops, bars and restaurants


  • All apartments are delivered completely finished and ready to move into
  • As a gift, in each apartment, the kitchen furniture and a complete set of appliances
  • The building is equipped with a solar panel system for water heating
  • A central air conditioning system for cooling and heating, which allows you to significantly save energy

All the details to enjoy your apartment

  • Finnish sauna to rest and relax, before sleeping
  • Communal chill-out area


  • High quality glazing Salamander brand
  • Fully equipped and furnished bathrooms, shower cubicles and underfloor heating.
  • Built-in wardrobes and kitchen furniture, in each apartment
  • Motorized Rolling shutters, intercom and other utilities: we have thought of everything, to make your life as comfortable as possible

Beautiful facade and architecture

  • Terraces in all apartments
  • high quality terraces glazing
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Location Alegria 22

Want to know more? Leave a request and we will reply you within 60 minutes

choose your apartment

Apartment1A221285.422NoNoNoOn sale165 000 €Get planes
Apartment1B211259.671NoNoNoReserved-Get planes
Apartment1C111157.021NoNoNoReserved-Get planes
Apartment1D111151.451NoNoNoReserved-Get planes
Apartment1E211280.421NoNoNoOn sale159 000 €Get planes
Apartment2A222285,422NoNoNoOn sale170 000 €Get planes
Apartment2B112149,221NoNoNoReserved-Get planes
Apartment2C212268,11NoNoNoReserved-Get planes
Apartment2D112151,61NoNoNoReserved-Get planes
Apartment2E212280,421NoNoNoOn sale164 000 €Get planes
Apartment3A22385,4222NoNoNoOn sale175 000 €Get planes
Apartment3B113149,221NoNoNoReserved-Get planes
Apartment3C213268,11NoNoNoReserved-Get planes
Apartment3D113151,611NoNoNoReserved-Get planes
Apartment3E213280,421NoNoNoOn sale169 000 €Get planes
Apartment4A224285,022NoNoNoOn sale180 000 €Get planes
Apartment4B114149,221NoNoNoReserved-Get planes
Apartment4C214268,11NoNoNoReserved-Get planes
Apartment4D114151,611NoNoNoReserved-Get planes
Apartment4E214284,411NoNoNoOn sale174 000 €Get planes
Penthouse5A3253147.32233,8NoNoOn sale225 000 €Get planes
Penthouse5B3253197.82259,19NoNoReserved-Get planes
Penthouse5C2252106.29212,8NoNoOn sale210 000 €Get planes
GarageG1-1------Reserved-Get planes
GarageG2-1------Reserved-Get planes
GarageG3-1------Reserved-Get planes
GarageG4-1------Reserved-Get planes
GarageG5-1------On sale13 000 €Get planes
GarageG6-1------Reserved-Get planes
GarageG7-1------On sale13 000 €Get planes
GarageG8-1------On sale13 000 €Get planes
GarageG9-1------On sale13 000 €Get planes
GarageG10-2------Reserved-Get planes
GarageG11-2------Reserved-Get planes
GarageG12-2------Reserved-Get planes
GarageG13-2------On sale12 000 €Get planes
GarageG14-2------On sale12 000 €Get planes
GarageG15-2------Reserved-Get planes
GarageG16-2------Reserved-Get planes
GarageG17-2------On sale12 000 €Get planes
GarageG18-2------On sale12 000 €Get planes
the total booking amount for an apartment is only 6000 euro
it's easier you might think

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Terms of registration

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about the developer

Why do customers trust Alegria?

Leading Real Estate Developer on the Costa Blanca
Developer housing prices: no commissions, no middlemen, or hidden payments.
Mortgage registration for foreigners from 2.5% per annum
Interest-free installment plan
Quality assurance - each project is thought out to the smallest detail, built with modern technologies and corresponds to a high level of quality
Reliable and durable housing that grows in value

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General director, CEO
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