Booking property

  • The client (buying party) agrees to reserve a property and pay a deposit (arras penitenciales) of 3000 euros.
  • After paying the deposit, the property is taken off from the sale and reserved in your name, the deposit in full is deducted from the total sales price.
  • Contact us before making a reservation to make sure the apartment is still available.
  • Email:
  • Phones: +34 672 007 801, +7 499 286 89 13
  • We accept:
  • Payment is secured with SSL 128 connection
  • At the end, please record the code giving you by the bank.
  • In case of not making the purchase of the property and not sign the Deed of Sale within the established period (consult the conditions of the deposit contract signed between the selling party and the buying party) due to the fault of the buying party, the amounts paid as a deposit will not be returned to the client according to article 1454 of the Spanish civil code.
(Latin in accordance with the passport)
(Latin in accordance with the passport)
After pressing the button, you will be redirected to the bank site, to confirm payment
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