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- Alegria service
Full package of services from1 €/day
from 365 € year
Who is the Alegria concierge service for
  • Do you want to spend your vacation without worries or do you have no desire to solve everyday matters?
  • Do you have pending issues that you cannot resolve on your own?
  • Can't adapt to the new conditions after changing your permanent residence?
For your comfort

We provide Alegria Concierge Service

Our new service is your personal assistant. We are ready to handle all problems you can have and fulfill all your requests.

We will do for you quickly and efficiently matters that require a lot of time – your personal time. We will plan your vacation in the best way and help you solve your problems if you have chosen our city for your permanent residence.

We offer completely free consultations on any matter.

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Kristina Luneva Lawyer of “Alegría”,
executive director
Concierge Service

We will help you solve any matter for just from € 1/dayWe offer full package of services: starting from domestic issues and ending with legal support. Your requests will be fulfilled in minimum time. You will be offered the best options for the best available prices.

You can receive the necessary information or request services by phone

+34 695 826 428

or send us en email

[email protected]

We have many years of experience and practice individual approach to each сustomer. In addition, we guarantee our clients total confidentiality.Alegria provides transport service to resolve urgent matters.

Concierge service in Spain

Includes the following services:

Program “Home”

  • Property and rental management; annual service for cardholders.
  • Assistance in home renovation, searching for a designer and decorator, choice and installation of home alarm and security systems.
  • Monthly reports on the state of your home.
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Program “Family”

  • Discounts on shuttle service and pick-up service from the arrival place (airport, raiway/bus station)
  • Assistance in the selection and enrollment in kindergarten, school, language courses.
  • Free assistance in the search of the services of tutors and private teachers, the choice of a veterinary clinic.
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Program “Travel”

  • Urgent processing of different types of visas: tourist visa, student visa, business visa, visa for property owners, and so on.
  • Discounts on excursions, car and yacht rental.
  • Reservation and purchase of tickets.
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Program “Beauty and health”

  • Assistance in the selection of clinics and treatment programs.
  • Management of the visit to Spain for therapy for foreign citizens
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Program “Transport services”

  • Assistance in the purchase, car registration and arranging vehicle insurance.
  • Discount on service of chauffeur with or without car.
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Program “Legal advice”

  • Free personal legal consultation on all issues
  • Free control of utility bills and debt supervision
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Ask your question about our concierge service in Spain

* I accept the privacy policy
Kristina Luneva Lawyer of “Alegría”,
executive director
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