Many aspects of life, among which are warm climate, multifaceted cultural values and rich historical heritage, as well as affordable housing, attract residents of many countries of the world to Spain, including Europe and the USA.

In most cases, they seek to purchase real estate in Spain for their own residence, often as a «summer residence», or for rent. One of the most popular destinations for these purposes is Alicante – a large tourist city, whose market is characterized by a wide variety of real estate offers.

Alicante is a port city in the south-east of Spain, located on the Costa Blanca, the capital of the province of the same name. This is a city of rich history and traditions and one of the most important resorts of the Mediterranean coast with the purest sea and beautiful beaches marked with the blue flag of UNESCO.

One of the main questions for those who are going to buy property in Alicante is the cost of housing in this city, as well as the cost of living here. Today we will talk about how much flats in Alicante in Spain cost, and also tell you how much money is needed for living in Alicante, on average.

The Cost of Flats in Alicante in 2022

How Much Do Flats in Alicante Cost in 2022?

Real estate in Alicante is presented by a large number of new buildings and secondary market properties. The cost of flats in Alicante is governed by many criteria, among which location, proximity to the sea, infrastructure, type of development (old and new housing stock), as well as the national composition of residents are essential.

We are talking about flats, houses and commercial facilities of the city. The price range of Alicante is the widest: both modest budget offers and expensive luxury properties can be found here. The most prestigious and expensive districts of the city are Playa San Juan and Albufereta.

The Estimated Cost of Housing in Alicante: Price List by Districts

DistrictStudio of 28 – 30 m2, thousandFlat (thousand)Local, €/month
Playa de San Juanfrom 64from 95from 245-400
La Albufereta:5589159-390
Benalua – Babel45-5845-58235-300
San Gabriel69.983-299
San Blas68200-400
La Florida53,982-200
Rabasa Los Angele31.2-3970-81.9

Among residential properties, the most affordable housing in Alicante is located in the neighborhoods of Juan XXIII, Colonia Requena, Virgen del Remedio. It should be borne in mind that many immigrants from Morocco, Algeria, Colombia live in these areas, and there are also gypsy quarters. The cost of flats in these areas of Alicante starts from 19,000 €.

These neighborhoods are built up with high-rise buildings with and without lifts. Some of them are quite prosperous closed complexes with security and parking.

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What a Flat in Alicante in a Good District Costs

How Much Do Flats in Alicante Cost in 2022?

Considering types of living quarters, it is worth noting the differences between the districts of the city by the pattern of settlement. So, detached one- two- and three-storey houses are located in Playa San Juan and Albufereta. There are also modern high-rise buildings with lifts, combined into closed urbanizations with security, a private swimming pool, a green area and parking. The cost of flats in such urbanizations in Alicante is at the level of the cost of an «adosado» or a house (245,000 – 400,000 €).

You’d be hard pressed to find tall multi-flat buildings in the area of the historical center (Centro tradicional). Old houses, mostly two- and three-storey, with an interesting individual layout are placed here. Many of these houses are more than 100 years old, and all of them belong to the secondary housing stock. The cost of a flat of about 80 m² in this area in Alicante can be 150,000 – 160,000 € and up.

Secondary housing and new buildings (multi-storey buildings) are located in neighborhoods adjacent to the historical center, they can be either detached or combined in urbanization. The cost of flats here is approximately 120,000 – 200,000 €. In Alicante, the same kind of real estate with a similar cost of housing is located in the business part of the city – Ensanche Diputacion.

In the Carolinas area, there are mainly two- and three-storey secondary market houses. This part of the city can be easily called the concrete jungle.

The Campoamor neighborhood is similar to Carolinas. Alicante real estate is presented here by block-built houses not higher than four floors. The Campoamor – Altozano subdistrict is newer and more prestigious. There are closed-type urbanizations with their own internal infrastructure. The cost of housing in such urbanizations starts from 100,000 €. There are also cheaper options with the cost of flats of 50 – 70,000 €.

The real estate market of the Los Angeles neighborhood is represented by generic standard high-rise buildings. The cost of flats in this area of Alicante starts from 40,000 €.

The flats of the San Blas neighborhood are located in new multi-storey buildings with lifts. The cost of flats in this area of Alicante starts from 100,000 €. Pau and Pau2 are new developing sub-districts of San Blas with low-density development. There are several closed urbanizations with a green area and swimming pools.

The real estate market of Benalua, Babel, San Gabriel, Florida is presented by multi-flat buildings. Benalua and Florida are located near the center, Babel is near the industrial zone and the commercial port, San Gabriel is an urban suburb.

The goals of real estate buyers in Alicante are different. The subject of acquisition can be not only residential, but also commercial real estate – premises for doing business (local): garages, storage rooms, hotels, hostels, beauty salons, parking lots, cafes and restaurants.

There is a wide range of properties in this area, as well as a wide variation in prices.

Alicante: Price Range by Districts (EUR, thousand)

  • Playa de San Juan: 64 – 1,150;
  • La Albufereta: 55 – 1,200;
  • Benalua – Babel: 45 – 825;
  • Campoamor: 37 – 2,400;
  • Carolinas: 30 – 258;
  • San Gabriel: 70 – 360;
  • San Blas: 68 – 485;
  • La Florida: 54 – 227;
  • Rabasa – Los Angeles: 39 – 600.

There are many rental properties in the Spanish real estate market. Property of Alicante is no exception. The prices for rental of residential and non-residential properties in Alicante depend on their location, proximity to the sea, as well as infrastructure.

Pricing for Rent: the Approximate Value of Housing in Alicante, as Well as Non-Residential Facilities

DistrictFlats, €/monthVilla, €/monthLocal, €/month
Playa de san juanfrom 500from 1800from 395
La Albufereta:from 400from 1300from 600
Benalua – Babelfrom 400from 250
Campoamorfrom 390from 300
Carolinasfrom 370from 150
San Gabrielfrom 500from 500
San Blasfrom 475from 450
La Floridafrom 450from 350
Rabasa Los Angelefrom 650from 350

Cost of living in Alicante and food prices

Estimated monthly costs for a family of 4 are about €2.586 €/month.
Estimated monthly costs for a single person are 1.164 €/month.


  • lunch at an affordable restaurant – 12 €;
  • 3-course lunch at a mid-priced restaurant for two persons – 34.50 €;

McMenu at McDonald’s (or equivalent Combo Menu) – 7.10

  • cappuccino – 1.70 €;
  • pepsi/coca (0.33 l) – 1.19 €;
  • 0.5 liters of local beer – 2.40 €;
  • 0.33 liters of imported beer – 2.50 €;
  •  water (0.33 l) – 0.89 €.


  •  milk, 1 l – 0.79 €;
  • bread, 500 g – 1.18 €;
  • chicken egg, 12 pcs – 1.96 €;
  • rice, 1 kg – 0.99 €;
  • cheese, 1 kg – 8,88 €;
  • chicken fillet, 1 kg – 5.50 €;
  • beef, 1 kg – from 9.75 €;
  • apples, 1 kg – 1.59 €;
  • bananas, 1 kg – 1.38 €;
  • oranges, 1 kg – 1.27 €;
  • tomatoes, 1 kg – 1.74 €;
  • potatoes, 1 kg – 1.22 €;
  • onion, 1 kg – 1.02 €;
  • lettuce (1 piece) – 0.95 €;
  • water, 1.5 liters – 0.5 €;
  • local beer, 0.5 l – 0.78 €;
  • imported beer, 0.33 l – 1.61 €;
  • pack of 20 cigarettes (Marlboro) – 5 €.

Other expenses:

  • local transportation ticket – 1.45 €;
  • taxi – from 1.22 €/1 km + 4.50 € by picking up;
  • petrol, 1 liter – 1.27 €;
  • fitness club – 38.89 €;
  • movie ticket (International Premiere) – 7.50 €.


  • electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage (for a flat of 85m2) – 96.92 €;
  • Internet (unlimited, Cable/ADSL) – 32.11 €;

Private kindergarten:

  • 350 €/month/1 child

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