The coronavirus pandemic has affected the preferences of potential buyers of residential real estate in Spain. According to the results of a study conducted by the Idealista portal, they have a pretty clear priority: three-bedroom apartments with an area of more than 100 sq.m.and at a price not exceeding 200 thousand euros.

This choice prevails in all the autonomous communities of the country, although the different levels of housing prices in Spain should be taken into account. The most expensive apartments will be in the Balearic Islands (on average – 344.000), Madrid (285.000), the Basque country (265.000) and Catalonia (243.000), and the most budget accommodation can be found in Castile and Leone (120.000), Cantabria (131.000), Asturias (132.000), Aragon (137.000) and La Rioja (138.000).

Housing of the largest area is sought in Extremadura and Castile-La Mancha – 196 and 195 sq.m. respectively, and it is in these autonomies that such a type of property as a chalet is in high demand. The most modest requirements for apartments are in Cantabria (75 sq. m.), Aragon (92 sq. m.) and Catalonia (95 sq. m.).

Of the Spanish provincial capitals, the highest prices are recorded in San Sebastian (450.000), Barcelona (380.000), Madrid (347.000), Palma (336.000) and Bilbao (305.000), while the cheapest three-bedroom apartments that meet all the requirements are in Avila (100.000), Lleida (106.000), Cuenca (108.000), Huelva (108.000) and Teruel (112.000).

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