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Purchase of housing

Price of the service
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Anna Zakharenko office manager

We provide a full range of services for the purchase of real estate in Spain in the company "Alegria": opening a bank account, NIE, conducting a sale and purchase transaction, re-registration of rights to a new owner, etc.

Once you have chosen the property to buy, the process of registering the property begins. We offer our clients two options for conducting the purchase:

  • payment service with the price of € 990 – all the necessary steps to complete the purchase and sale process with our partner «Easy Tax»,
  • Free service that only includes assistance in obtaining the NIE and opening the bank account for our client in Spain

IMPORTANT: When contracting the basic service, the client has to pay € 300 for the tax representation, which is a mandatory procedure when carrying out the process of buying and selling a property. In addition, you have to assume the costs of changing the ownership of the electricity and water contracts, as well as the community and direct debit expenses of all these payments to your bank account – € 200-250.

A complete range of services when buying homes in Spain from Alegria

When ordering an escort service for the purchase of real estate in Spain, you receive comprehensive legal assistance. These are lawyers who will collect and check all documents for real estate before the transaction with a notary. The company’s lawyers will order a foreigner’s NIE number and open an account in a Spanish bank. They will accompany you on a transaction at a notary public as an interpreter.

Then they will reissue all contracts after the transaction in your name: electricity, water, tax, administration, utilities, etc. Lawyers will be your representatives in Spain, since you do not reside here permanently. You will receive expert advice on any questions.

By contracting the complete advisory service for the sale of the property in Spain, you can be sure that the process of buying the property as well as the change of ownership of all contracts will be carried out correctly and as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: the purchase of real estate in Spain can be made during one visit, if the buyer has the necessary funds to carry out the procedure for buying real estate in Spain and enough time to transfer them to his account into a Spanish bank account.
IMPORTANT: Tariffs of the company for buying real estate in Valencia: the cost of services – 3% + VAT, but not less than 3000 € + VAT

What is included in the service of accompanying the purchase of property in Spain:

  1. Consultation with a real estate specialist in Spain and the specifics of the procedure for non-residents
  2. Opening a bank account in a Spanish bank
  3. Obtaining the NIE in Spain
  4. A review of the legal situation of the house and verification of the property title
  5. Support of the transaction and signing with the seller "escritura" of purchase and sale
  6. Translation services during the whole process
  7. Re-registration of utilities for a new owner (only for owners of facilities in Torrevieja). The service of re-registration of utilities in Alicante is € 330. It includes the change of electricity and water contracts, comunidad documents in the name of the new owner, as well as the issuance of a certificate from the architect de ocupación, without which the renewal of the water contract is impossible
  8. Solving related issues during the purchase process

The lawyers in charge of advising on the process of buying and selling your home in Spain will act as your representatives in the Spanish territory since you do not reside in Spain permanently

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Anna Zakharenko
office manager


You can obtain a residence permit for Spain when buying real estate if you are investing in real estate from € 500 000. This residence permit is also called the "Golden visa" or "visa of the investor. To obtain a residence permit for Spain when buying real estate, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. The investment amount must be at least € 500,000. Additional purchase costs (taxes, notary and lawyer fees) usually amount to 11-12% of the value. The investment may be divided into several objects with a total value of at least € 500,000.
  2. If you own a foreign company, you have the opportunity to make investments through it. Mortgages may be issued in your home country or any other country outside of Spain.
  3. If you buy a property for a Golden Visa in Spain, the property can be sold at any time. In other words, you can sell one property and buy another in return. The main condition that you need to fulfill at the time of the extension of your residence is to present a certificate of ownership of a property worth more than €500,000.

You can learn more about Golden visa application here.

In some countries you can literally buy citizenship for investment, including real estate. Spanish citizenship when buying real estate, even very expensive, can not be obtained, but property owners in Spain can apply for a residence permit and obtain Spanish citizenship on the basis of legal residence in the country after 10 years.

Click here to read about the procedure for buying property in Spain.

There are pros of real estate in Spain, and many. For example, having real estate in Spain and meeting a number of certain requirements, you can get a residence permit. That is, moving to Spain will be much easier if you have your own home.


In addition, real estate in Spain was and is a good object for investment. By taking an inexpensive object for repair and repairing it, you are very likely to be able to sell it profitably. Property in the coastal zone, near the sea and the beach perfectly rents to tourists almost all year round. So if you are not afraid of the disadvantages listed in the previous paragraph, feel free to rent your real estate.


The disadvantages of real estate in Spain can be attributed to fixed costs.

Even if you bought a home in cash without obtaining a mortgage, you will not avoid year-round expenses. These include: payment for condominium services (gastosdecomunidad), utility bills (electricity, water, gas, etc.), because in Spain, utilities charge a subscription fee even when there is no real expense, annual property tax, income tax for non-residents, and payments for the services of a real estate company (if you enter into a post-sale maintenance contract with them), minor repairs, annual home insurance, payment for alarm systems, etc.

A non-resident acquiring real estate must pay six types of taxes in Spain:

  1. It is so-called EU income tax for non-residents. It is payable regardless of whether you receive rental income or not.
  2. IBI tax
  3. For waste disposal.
  4. On luxury. Distributed selectively.
  5. Special tax (affects only offshore holdings).

Yes, in Spain it is possible to buy a house with mortgage. According to many experts of the real estate market, the past year 2019 will go down in history as one of the most successful for registration of mortgages in Spain. Increasing the level of consumer protection through a new mortgage law, which came into force in June last year, as well as a continuous reduction in the cost of borrowing from banks in connection with the beginning of the so-called "war of prices" have created ideal conditions for the purchase of real estate with a mortgage - conditions that are unlikely to happen again soon.

The coast of the Valencian Community - Costa Blanca and Costa de Valencia - is one of the best places to invest in real estate abroad. Growth in the economy, tourism and foreign investment contributes to the rapid development of the region, employment and business growth, increasing demand for short and long term rentals, as well as rising housing prices.

Prices for buying real estate in Madrid, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands are very high (€ 2794, € 2251, € 3064 per square meter respectively). In turn, in the Valencian Community, the average price of housing is €1389, and in Murcia - €1042 per square meter. If we talk about provinces, for example, in the popular resort area of Costa Blanca - the coast of Alicante - the average price of housing is €1570 per sq.m., and in the province of Valencia - €1225. As for Murcia, the average price per square meter in La Manga del Mar Menor - the most popular resort of Costa Calida - € 1527 per sq.m.

Torrevieja is very popular among those who buy property in Spain for rent, offering a very profitable option for investment. The essence of the trick is that you buy apartments at a very low cost (there are many such offers in Torrevieja), and then rent them out at a price almost equal to that of more expensive apartments. This leads to extremely fast payback. If you have a possibility to buy several apartments of such, you may earn a lot.

To buy property in Spain you will need:

  1. NIE (it is a foreigner's identification number and tax number in Spain).
  2. original foreign passport;

Passport requirements: Schengen visa and passport control stamp at the Spanish border.

  1. two 3*4 color photographs (as on the passport);

The rest of the documents for buying real estate in Spain, you will fill in at the place of receipt of the NIE.

Alegria Alegria Alegria

Why people trust us

support of the transaction process Special conditions for customers

We provide most of our services to our customers for free. You do not need to pay third parties for supporting the process of buying real estate in Spain - opening a bank account, transferring and apostille documents, paying taxes, obtaining a residence permit and NIE - foreigner numbers, etc. We save your money, and related services are included in the work plan.

We work in different languages Multilanguage services

65 specialists of the company "Alegria" speak English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian and other languages. We fully cover the needs of foreign clients in choosing and buying property on the Costa Blanca, solving domestic, legal and immigration issues.

troubleshooting Warranty service

When buying new buildings Alegria, we offer free warranty service and maintenance of the object in case of any domestic issues. Our company has a special unit - the elimination of problems is carried out by Alegria staff experts, not through a service provider.

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