Benidorm City Councilhas issued the technical reports favourable to give the green light to Terra Mítica’s project for a new campsite next to its theme park. In fact, in the last months, the company has been working on the accesses to it, and after its approval in the plenary session of this month, it will also have the approval for the construction of this accommodation. It is a project that is imposed as an alternative to its hotel, also close to its facilities, and two ways to enjoy the leisure complex without long journeys.

According to various sources, the request to install these prefabricated modules was made in February of this year, that is, before the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. Initially, the company announced the opening of the campsite for this summer. However, their plans were ruined by the events that occurred later due to the health crisis, causing the theme park’s closure throughout the year.

In addition to the municipal reports, it has a previous favourable report from the Department of Housing and Urban Planningof Conselleria de Política Territorial, ObrasPúblicas y Movilidad, on 8 October.

As required by law, they are not granted a building permit if they have not previously been granted an opening permit unless they sign a responsible statement in which they undertake not to ask for compensation if they end up being denied one. Since the company is still in the process of obtaining the opening permit, it has opted for the second option, which has already been delivered and signed at the Town Hall.

Likewise, since February, it has been registered in municipal offices, which have given the guarantee amounting to 468,905.25 euros. However, it has a period of 16 months to carry out the work.

Under the name of Grand Luxor Villages, the new overnight stay area will have 102 themed houses, of 36 and 64 square metres, with two different distributions in duplex and ground floor.

The resort will have all kinds of excellent services: five community pools, in addition to another 51 private pools for the luxury bungalows; a bar; green areas; playgrounds,and a landscaping project that will transport clients to the heart of Egypt itself.

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