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New construction homes
Alegria presents a new residential complex of business class Alegria XII, just 20 meters from the sea The six-storey house is located next to the beach of Los Locos in Torrevieja. On sale - 29 apartments (with 1,2 and 3 bedrooms). The complex has a spacious chill out zone, a swimming pool with sea water and heated, a Finnish sauna, a two-level parking. Go to the catalog
purchase savings Favorable prices from the builder We work without intermediaries and commissions. You save on the purchase.
warranty Clean deal You acquire a property with a clean legal history and guarantees, which are spelled out in the contract.
we offer Turnkey property New buildings Alegria fully prepared to live. You are settled immediately after payment.
smart home system Technology and Innovation You do not worry about the quality and safety of housing. New buildings are equipped with innovative climate systems, a system of "smart home", hydro, thermal insulation, etc.

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buy Villa in Torrevieja

Buy villa in Torrevieja

Buy villa in Torrevieja

If you want to buy a villa in Spain, Torrevieja, is the perfect choice. A villa in Torrevieja is a real dream house on the sunny coast. The Mediterranean villa, in the traditional sense of the word, is a luxurious mansion located in the middle of a large plot of land, with garden, swimming pool, additional buildings, etc. If you want to become the owner of a villa like that, Torrevieja is the place where your dream will come true. It must be taken into account that a "villa" in Spain, is called any single-family house with its own land. Therefore, the prestigious term "villa" can be applied to a small house with a modest territory adjacent to it. In any case, if you decide to buy a villa in Torrevieja, you will not regret your choice!

Villas in Torrevieja

The villas in Torrevieja, in general, are located outside the city, although there are exceptions. The largest offer of villas in Torrevieja is found in areas such as: La Siesta-El Salado-Torreta, La Mata, Los Balcones-Los Altos del Eden, Nueva Torrevieja-Aguas Nuevas, El Acequión-Los Naúfragos. Villas in Torrevieja with private pool and villas located near the sea are the most desired. The real estate market in Torrevieja offers villas for all tastes: both classic, built in traditional Mediterranean style; like the modern ones, built with the latest technology.

Buy a cheap villa in Torrevieja

Is it possible to find a cheap villa in Torrevieja for sale? The question is quite complicated, because the villa is a type of expensive housing. However, given that a single-family house with a plot of land is considered a villa in Spain, low-budget options sometimes appear for sale, with prices starting at 50,000€. Of course, this will not be a villa in the sense we imagine. It will be a rural house with a small plot. Often, these properties are not in the best conditions. If you decide on this option, you can buy a cheap villa in Torrevieja and then reform it. You can also demolish the purchased home and build a new one instead. Something more or less close to what we traditionally understand by villa in Torrevieja, can be bought from 120,000€.

Villas in Torrevieja for sale

Villas in Torrevieja for sale

Sale of villas in Torrevieja – one of the main activities of the company "Alegría". Our specialists have extensive experience in the sale of villas in Torrevieja, and are well versed in the complexities of this market. We will help you choose the best option according to your wishes and budget, in addition, we will assist all transactions for you. With the company "Alegria", you have the great opportunity to buy a villa in Torrevieja directly from the developer, without any additional charge. In the catalog of the company "Alegría", you can find all our offers of villas in Torrevieja for sale. For example, we have for sale villas in Torrevieja, located near the Habaneras shopping center. These modern and comfortable villas in Torrevieja are part of an exclusive gated community; their prices start at 289,000€. For those who want to enjoy the sea views, we offer villas in Residencial Mi Cala, a modern residential complex near the sea, in front of Cala de la Zorra beach. The prices of the villas here, start from 410,000€.

The price of the villas in Torrevieja

The price of the villas in Torrevieja

The prices of the villas in Torrevieja range from € 922 to € 7,800 per square meter. The price of a villa in Torrevieja depends on many factors: location, proximity to the sea, size and condition of the house and the land, the fact of having a pool, garden, and additional buildings in the territory, etc. In the sales announcements, they appear with the name of "villa". There are options for 50,000€, however, it must be understood that this will not be a villa in the sense we imagine. Villa, in Spain, is a house with a plot of land. You can buy a modern villa in Torrevieja, with all the amenities, for about € 155,000. There are also cheaper options: from 120,000€. However, in these cases the house almost always requires alterations.

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