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If you are planning to get the national visa to Spain, registration of residence permit or student residence, you need medical insurance in Spain, and also want to insure a property or a car, the specialists of "Alegria" will help you to choose an insurance company and get an insurance policy in Spain for 1 year with subsequent prolongation.


Our company carries out the selection of insurance options – life, real estate, car for free. You pay only for the purchased insurance package in the selected insurance company.

“Alegria” cooperates with all Spanish insurance companies, so you get a complete picture of the variety of programs and choose the most favorable and suitable for you option.


If you need insurance for the national visa to Spain, our specialists will choose the type of insurance that will meet the requirements of the Spanish consulate. The Spanish Consulate is very loyal to insurance policies issued by Spanish insurance companies.

More than 5 years immigration lawyers “Alegria” are engaged in processing long-term visas to Spain and know all the requirements of the consular office for national visa insurance in Spain. Basic insurance for a national visa to Spain is not suitable.


At our company, you’ll get a complete overview of health insurance programs – for residents and non-residents. We will choose for you:

  • a basic insurance package in order to save money and in case of infrequent visits to hospitals,
  • an insurance policy in Spain with dental coverage,
  • a policy for pensioners and the elderly,
  • Medical policy in Spain for pregnancy and childbirth,
  • et al.

We will explain the differences in insurance programs and choose the best payment option for you – monthly, once a trimester, or yearly.

We will help you to buy an insurance policy in Spain without NIE, as well as get a discount on insurance in Spain in the first year of registration (within the current promotions of insurance companies). For more information and private selection of insurance policy in Spain contact our company on the phone numbers listed on the site, or leave an application form below.

IMPORTANT: you can be insured in Spain from the age of 0 months up to retirement age. It is rather problematic to arrange health insurance in Spain for people over 65 years old. The specialists of “Alegria” cooperate with Spanish insurance companies, which arrange health insurance in Spain for pensioners.


Insurance for student visa to Spain has the same requirements as in the case of long-term visa type D for subsequent registration of residence permit with and without the right to work. Spanish consular offices give preference to insurance policies issued by local companies. We will help you to choose the best insurance option for student visa to Spain, which will satisfy the requirements of the Consulate. It is important to know that insurance for student visa to Spain must cover hospitalization and emergency medical care.

You can arrange insurance in Spain through our company in 3-6 days.


  1. Selection of insurance options - life, real estate, car
  2. Signing the contract
  3. Obtaining an insurance policy


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Anna Zakharenko
office manager


Our company has a specialist who deals with all types of insurance, in particular - health insurance in Spain. We have partnership agreements with leading insurance companies in Spain: DKV, Salus, Adeslas, Mapfre, Sanitas, Asisa and others. We act as an intermediary between the client and the insurance company and help to choose the best solution for each individual client and to arrange health insurance in Spain. This is important because health insurance is a very individual thing.

Another important point is the availability of a surcharge on medical insurance in Spain. According to this criterion, all insurance policies are divided into two types: with or without a surcharge.

Policies without a surcharge imply a higher insurance premium, but you do not pay anything when visiting the doctor.

You will pay a small co-payment (about €2 to €20 per visit) when you seek medical help.

The next important thing to consider when concluding an insurance contract is the time limit (tiempo de carencia). This means that for certain services, such as pregnancy care, certain examinations or operations, treatment of certain illnesses, etc., there is a time limit after the conclusion of the insurance contract, during which these services are not covered.

Coverage comes into effect at the end of this period, which can be 3, 6, 9, or more months. This is important so you don't miscalculate. That is, if you have a medical condition and expect to treat it with insurance, keep this in mind.

There are two types of health insurance in Spain:

Medical care in clinics according to the list of the insurance company. When you sign a contract with an insurance company, you are given a list of medical institutions where you can receive medical care. This is an important point to pay attention to when choosing an insurance company: whether you are satisfied with the proposed medical facilities, whether they are close to you, etc. With this type of insurance you get everything for free or with a very large discount. This type of insurance in Spain is called Seguro de salud de asistencia médica.

Medical treatment in any clinic of your choice. Here you are not limited to any clinics, and you can receive medical care at any medical facility of your choice. But the mutual settlement system is slightly different: first you pay for the service, and then the insurance company will compensate you for your expenses. Compensation will be up to 80%.

Dental services are another important item. Considering that these services are not cheap not only in Spain, but also in other countries, it is very important to choose a policy that will include them too.

You may ask what we can do for you, because you can apply to the insurance company directly. We analyze your documents, your data, we fill in for you the questionnaires that are necessary for insurance companies so that they can calculate the rate, we send a request to the company, we receive an answer with the total cost of these or those products and together with you we choose the best solution.

It is important to know that insurance policy can be purchased by both residents and non-residents of Spain. In the latter case you will need:

  • A copy of your passport and, in many cases, a foreigner's number (NIE);
  • account number in Spain, but there are options when you can make a payment for the whole period at once, and then you just make a money transfer.

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support of the transaction process Special conditions for customers

We provide most of our services to our customers for free. You do not need to pay third parties for supporting the process of buying real estate in Spain - opening a bank account, transferring and apostille documents, paying taxes, obtaining a residence permit and NIE - foreigner numbers, etc. We save your money, and related services are included in the work plan.

We work in different languages Multilanguage services

65 specialists of the company "Alegria" speak English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian and other languages. We fully cover the needs of foreign clients in choosing and buying property on the Costa Blanca, solving domestic, legal and immigration issues.

troubleshooting Warranty service

When buying new buildings Alegria, we offer free warranty service and maintenance of the object in case of any domestic issues. Our company has a special unit - the elimination of problems is carried out by Alegria staff experts, not through a service provider.

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