It is a municipality in the province of Málaga and is integrated into the Western Costa del Sol, it extends along almost 7 kilometres on the Mediterranean coast from the mouth of the Guadalhorce River to Benalmádena in the West and in the North with the foothills of the Sierra de Mijas.

It has a population of more than 65,000 inhabitants, of which it is estimated that more than 25% are foreigners. It occupies the seventh position of most populated municipalities of the province.

Climate in Torremolinos

The climate in Torremolinos is mild, due to its privileged location in the Bay of Malaga and the protection from the north winds that the Sierra de Mijas gives it. It is typically Mediterranean and subtropical, with average winter temperatures of 19°C.

Torremolinos areas

The city is divided into several areas and each of them offers you its particular essence.

Central Zone

The heart of Torremolinos begins on Calle San Miguel and continues to beat on Avenida Palma de Mallorca and in squares such as Andalucía and La Nogalera. The downtown area is the meeting place for locals and visitors and is full of bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, shops…and all the entertainment that a holiday city needs.

Paseo Marítimo

It is the place where you will live the best experiences of your trip. A walk along the sea divided into two parts by the natural protrusion of Punta de Torremolinos, which is popularly known as El Morro.

La Carihuela

In this old fishing neighborhood you find the true essence of Torremolinos with traditional shops, typical Andalusian streets and an authentic flavor that coexist with the needs of current tourism.

El Bajondillo

Here you also find Torremolinos in its purest form. A traditional neighborhood whose streets take you to know the history of the city and, if you prefer, to the Paseo Marítimo and the beaches.

Los Álamos

If you want a neighborhood with atmosphere and a lot of animation you will have to go to Los Álamos, which also has its own beach. It is a young and multicultural neighborhood that is essential to browse and enjoy music.

Zona Alta

You must go up to the upper part of the city to find two of the most popular and residential neighborhoods such as Montemar, with its own Hermitage that you cannot miss, or El Calvario, where a large part of the local population resides.

Los Pinares

Also in the upper part is this magical forest that allows you to get away for a moment from the tourist bustle to enjoy nature with the sea breeze in the background.

Festivals and holidays in Torremolinos

In Torremolinos, a city full of life and traditions, several important festivities are celebrated throughout the year. Among them, the San Miguel Fair and Festivals, the celebration of the Virgen del Carmen and the Night of San Juan stand out.

  • San Miguel Fair and Festivals: This fair is held every September in honor of the patron saint San Miguel. Exact dates may vary, but generally runs from Friday 26th to Monday 29th September.
  • Virgen del Carmen: The festival of the Virgin of Carmen, patron saint of sailors, is celebrated every July 16 in the traditional neighborhood of La Carihuela. The celebration includes a seafaring mass, cultural activities, children’s parties, concerts, and a procession from the Nuestra Señora del Carmen church to La Carihuela beach.
  • San Juan Night: San Juan Night is celebrated on June 23. During this night, traditional bonfires are held on the beaches of the Costa del Sol, especially on the beaches of the San Juan and Catarranzas neighborhoods.

Beaches in Torremolinos

Torremolinos is synonymous with holidays, sun and beach, there is a reason we are on the Costa del Sol and that is why it continues to be one of the most popular summer resorts.

  • La Carihuela: it has been a world-renowned beach since Torremolinos appeared as a tourist destination. People like Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner, and Orson Welles have sunbathed and bathed in its waters here. It is very popular because it is a charming place where the old shacks that gave rise to the neighborhood coexist with the best and most modern hotels.
  • Playamar: a kilometer of sand very close to the city center and therefore very accessible. It is a very prepared beach with all the services and the possibility of practicing sports such as volleyball or surfing. It has everything to spend the best day of your vacation on the beach.
  • El Bajondillo: Between the beaches of Carihuela and Playamar is this urban beach considered one of the best on the Costa del Sol. Although its access is easy, you will have no excuse because you also have two elevators that reach this paradise of dark sand more than one kilometer.
  • Los Álamos: You cannot miss this beach, which is an authentic spectacle of nature and atmosphere. A kilometer and a half of fine, golden sand that has a wide range of leisure activities. If you like the beach to do more than just sunbathe, Los Álamos is your ideal place.

Nature in Torremolinos

If the sea is one of the main resources, the natural environment in this Malaga city is no less attractive.

  • Parque de la Batería: Looking out to the sea is the lung of Torremolinos. A green space of 74,000 square meters with more than a thousand trees and numerous leisure areas designed for family enjoyment. It has a fantastic classic carousel, a boating lake, and a lookout tower with the most fascinating views.
  • La Senda Litoral: from Estepona to Nerja the so-called Senda Litoral runs, although it is expected to extend the route bordering the entire Mediterranean. Stage 6 of this path runs through Torremolinos and its beaches.
  • La Gran Senda: another of the most interesting natural proposals is this Great Path that runs through the entire province of Malaga and joins the Mozárabe Way of Santiago. In Torremolinos there are more than four kilometers of path that take you to the Benalmádena cable car.
  • Camino del Agua: both routes, the Great Senda and the Senda Litoral, come together in this Camino del Agua. A road that begins as urban and becomes natural as it passes through the Los Pinares area whose objective is to enhance the culture of water in the area.
  • La Cañada del Lobo: Just a few minutes from the center of Torremolinos you have the privilege of finding a space of great environmental wealth. This Cañada del Lobo is made up of paths between pines, cork oaks and holm oaks that give you the best views of the Costa del Sol.

What to do in Torremolinos

The Aqualand Torremolinos theme park is located just 10 minutes from the centre and is the ideal place to spend a refreshing family day on the most fun water attractions.

Also, for the whole family and where children and adults alike can enjoy, you will find Crocodile Park, a kind of zoo where the protagonists are the fascinating crocodiles with giant species from all over the world.

One of the most attractive activities in Torremolinos is horse riding, due to the long tradition that exists throughout Andalusia. There are horse shows, and many offers on horseback riding through the surrounding natural environment.

The city also has one of the best golf courses on the Costa del Sol, so golf lovers are in luck.

In case you want to go out to party, you are in the right place. One of the emblematic places in Torremolinos is Eugenio’s, a very unique place with two dance floors and live performances. Another important bet is the Café del Sol, next to the sea. It is ideal for having a good drink in an elegant atmosphere that takes care of the details.

Transport in Torremolinos

Torremolinos has excellent access by road and train, it has 5 train stops throughout the municipality so it will be easy for you to get there from Malaga airport or from the María Zambrano train station.

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