The municipality of Fuengirola, on the Costa del Sol, Malaga, has an area of ​​10.25 km² and a population of around 80,000 inhabitants. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain, with more than 8 million visitors a year. In addition, it offers a large number of tourist attractions, from its 8 kilometers of beautiful beaches to a variety of historical and cultural sites.

Climate of Fuengirola

Fuengirola has a wonderful climate almost all year round: the warm and sunny climate is ideal for those looking to escape the cold and rain. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, it is the perfect place to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

How to get to Fuengirola

Fuengirola is easily accessible from several points of interest. The city is located just 25 kilometers from Malaga airport, making it easy for international visitors to access. The route from the airport to Fuengirola is well signposted, making the journey simple and direct.

If you do not have a vehicle, you have the option of renting a car in Malaga at a competitive price. With a car, you can reach Fuengirola in about 20 minutes via the Mediterranean Highway.

In addition to the option of renting a car, Fuengirola is also well connected by public transport. There are regular train and bus services from Malaga, providing an alternative for those who prefer not to drive.

Finally, for those who prefer sailing, Fuengirola has a well-equipped marina. From here, you can take a ferry to various destinations along the Costa del Sol.

What to visit in Fuengirola

The majestic Sohail Castle

Sohail Castle

Sohail Castle is located at the mouth of the Fuengirola River, on a small isolated hill that rises 38 meters above sea level.
The castle is not only a historical monument, but also a vibrant cultural center. Its interior has been transformed into a space for all types of events, from music concerts to medieval fairs. These events attract visitors from all over, who come to enjoy culture and history in a truly unique setting.

In addition, Sohail Castle houses a small museum that tells the fascinating history of the fortress and Fuengirola. Visitors can explore the various exhibitions and learn about the city’s different historical periods, from Roman times to Arab times.

The historic Secretary’s Land

La Finca del Secretario is an archaeological site that offers a glimpse into Fuengirola’s past. Located in the area known as ‘Los Pacos’, this place houses remains dating from the 1st to 5th centuries. Here you can find an old fish salting house and thermal baths, which are testimony to the rich Roman history of the area.

In addition to its historical importance, the Secretary’s Estate is a place of great natural beauty. Its location, next to the mouth of the river, offers panoramic views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. It is an ideal place to enjoy a day of picnic, a walk or simply to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.

Fuengirola Zoo

Fuengirola Zoo

Fuengirola Zoo is a destination that the whole family will love. This modern zoo is home to a wide variety of animal species from around the world, from majestic African lions to colorful tropical parrots. Each habitat is designed to mimic the animals’ natural environment, providing visitors with a unique insight into how these creatures live in the wild.

In addition to being a place of entertainment, Fuengirola Zoo also has a strong commitment to education and conservation. It offers a series of educational programs and special events throughout the year to teach visitors about the importance of wildlife conservation.

The Fuengirola History Museum

The Fuengirola History Museum is a treasure for history lovers. This museum houses an impressive collection of archaeological remains that tell the rich history of Fuengirola, from the time of the Phoenicians to the Arab era.

As you walk through its rooms, you’ll come across ancient artifacts, tools and utensils that offer a fascinating insight into how ancient civilizations lived. Each exhibition takes you on a journey through time, allowing you to explore the different stages of Fuengirola’s history. In addition to its permanent exhibitions, the museum also organizes temporary exhibitions and educational events to enrich the visitor experience.

Fuengirola BioParc

Fuengirola BioParc

This place is famous for having a natural environment for animals. Here you can enjoy a tropical jungle, with rivers, lush vegetation and waterfalls, as it is entirely dedicated to the conservation of tropical species adapted to jungle environments, mainly from Asia, Africa and the Indo-Pacific islands.

Beaches in Fuengirola

Its 8 km of beaches integrated into the urban area have the distinction of “Q” for tourist quality, awarded by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE), for the magnificent maintenance and quality of its waters and sands.

There are seven beaches in Fuengirola:

  • Carvajal Beach. About 1,200 m long, with a youthful atmosphere, it has sports equipment and has six beach bars.
  • Torreblanca Beach. About 750 m long, with a family atmosphere and magnificent views of the bay, it has 2 beach bars.
  • Los Boliches-Las Gaviotas Beach. About 1,550 m long, it has sports equipment and an area adapted for the disabled, and has nine beach bars.
  • San Francisco Beach. About 700 m long, with shallow and calm waters, it has four beach bars.
  • Fuengirola Beach. About 1,000 m long, it is in the center of the city, it is one of the most frequented, it has six beach bars.
  • Santa Amalia Beach. About 600 m long, with calm waters and close to the city center, it has three beach bars.
  • El Ejido-El Castillo Beach. About 800 m long, located on a sandy beach before crossing the river and close to Sohail Castle, it has two beach bars.

Gastronomy in Fuengirola

Fuengirola is the perfect place to enjoy its gastronomy. From the traditional Andalusian tapas bar to the Pescaito restaurants, passing through the British frying places…, which makes Fuengirola a very popular place to go out to eat.

In addition, in the center there is a food market where you can find fresh products such as fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. There is also a market on Saturdays.

Sports and leisure

Just ten minutes from the old town of Fuengirola there are six 18-hole golf courses, also within a radius of just 30 km. You can play golf on twenty perfectly equipped courses.

Furthermore, thanks to its wonderful golden sand beaches and crystal clear waters, they are ideal for practicing water sports, enjoying the sun and relaxing.

Regardless of your preferred musical style, Fuengirola is the place to party when the sun goes down. In fact, during the summer months, the party in Fuengirola multiplies exponentially. Try to adapt to the nap because here the party starts late and continues as long as your body can handle it.

It must be said that most of the fun in Fuengirola is focused between the marina and the promenade, which is a good place to walk and meet friends.

  • NightLife. This nightclub in Fuengirola has a VIP area and a large dance floor. It has a young atmosphere with audiences under 30 years old and is open on Saturdays.
  • Dry Martini. A wide variety of gins and tonics where you can enjoy delicious cocktails on your terrace or inside from 10 in the morning any day of the week.
  • Heaven’s Gate. Disco with all kinds of music and people of all ages, located on the seafront near the port of Fuengirola.

Property in Fuengirola

Regarding living in Fuengirola, it is a pulsating city with a continuous offer of services both during the day and at night. Residents can enjoy a wide variety of gastronomic options, from traditional Spanish food restaurants to international options, bars, pubs and nightclubs… In addition, there is a great diversity of shops and shopping centers in the city, as well as all the infrastructure necessary for residents. Whoever knows Fuengirola, knows it, you won’t miss anything!

What is clear is that Fuengirola is a very attractive Andalusian coastal city, which has a wide variety of beaches, activities and attractions, and a vibrant nightlife…

Likewise, it has a wide variety of services and amenities, such as hospitals, schools and public services, which makes it a comfortable place to live.

In addition to all these reasons mentioned, we also have to highlight the fact that buying a home in Fuengirola is an excellent investment for the future: not only is its real estate market at an ideal time for purchasing homes (stable prices and high demand). But the fact of having become such a popular tourist destination guarantees being able to sell later when you decide. Therefore, whether to live, invest or go on vacation, Fuengirola is an ideal place.

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