Alicante City Council is reviving the project conceived during the last term of office to convert the old slaughterhouse of Alicante into a centre for the installation of start-ups and technology-based companies. In this way, it is intended that the set of buildings that still remain standing, after the demolition of walls and warehouses without architectural relevance that was undertaken between 2017 and 2018, can become a multipurpose space as a breeding ground for startups focused on technological innovation, as well as housing areas for coworking.

To this end, the Local Agency is working in coordination with the Concejalía de Urbanismo (Department of Urban Planning) while waiting for a definitive refurbishment and conversion project to be drawn up, which could reach a budget of 5.5 million euros. The drafting of this project is in its final phase so that it could be delivered between April and May.

However, its execution would only be envisaged in the medium term, depending on budget availability. Thus, everything seems to indicate that it will be one of the concrete proposals that the City Council plans to present so that it can be financed by the European funds of the reconstruction mechanism.

However, according to municipal sources, the slaughterhouse project’s development will follow that of the extension of the Príncipe Felipe business breeding ground, for which a definitive project has already been drawn up since the end of January. As was also explained during the meeting of the sub-committee on economic affairs last Friday, this action includes the construction of five new warehouses attached to the site’s current facilities, capable of housing a total of ten new spaces of 250 square metres each.

Its execution involves an outlay of 3.25 million (although initially a cost of 835,000 euros had been foreseen) and is intended to redefine the whole of the breeding ground, as well as the business activity developed in the immediate surroundings of the Aguamarga industrial estate so that it can become the epicentre of a business cluster focused on biotechnology that will serve as a link between the municipalities of Alicante and Elche. For the time being, according to the same sources, the municipal department of Urban Planning is also working on the drafting of a project to remodel, in phases, the road that crosses the industrial area in order to improve accessibility and promote the installation of new companies.

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