The new Universidad Loyola campus, located in DOS Hermanas, near Seville, was recognized as the most advanced in the world in the application of modern digital technologies. At the same time, it was awarded a LEED certificate in the Platino category as an educational center whose activities are rationally organized from an environmental and social perspective.

Since the inception of this project by «Luis Vidal + arquitectos», emphasis was placed on student health in conjunction with responsible care for the environment. Factors such as location, sun illumination, air temperature, water and electricity efficiency, and the use of environmentally friendly materials were taken into account.

About 20% among these latter were previously involved at other sites, and more than 30% were extracted or produced at a distance of less than 800 km from the place of construction. In order to use water resources efficiently, a partial wastewater treatment system was installed in the campus for subsequent use in bathrooms, as well as rainwater collection tanks.

An outer covering of the building (roof, facade, windows) was designed to minimize energy consumption − 40% lower than standard. Solar panels generate their own renewable electricity. In turn, the interior remains impervious to sound, rain, and even fire. In addition, the Loyola University’s campus was easily converted to meet the new health and hygiene standards required for higher education institutions in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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