The property in Orihuela Costa, attract every year the attention, increasingly, of those who want to buy a property on the  Costa Blanca. This is a highly developed area, with an excellent climate, clean air, well-developed infrastructure and beautiful beaches. On the other hand, it is worth highlighting the diversity and the high housing quality, another advantage of Orihuela Costa.

The real estate market of Orihuela Costa, is represented mainly by new build properties: houses and terraced houses, bungalows, flats and apartments in modern residential complexes, penthouses, duplexes and, of course, luxury villas. All these properties are in the real estate market of Orihuela Costa.

In recent years, in the Orihuela Costa area, many construction projects are being developed. The new modern residential complexes are built according to the highest quality standards. Those who decide to acquire a home in Orihuela Costa, often, choose modern residential complexes, which combine practicality, sustainability, comfort and design.

Property in Orihuela Costa: prices

The price of property in Orihuela Costa varies widely: you can find everything from low budget options to luxury homes. The closer to the sea, the higher the prices. The vibrant construction sector of Orihuela Costa is attracting foreign investment: investors from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and other European countries are betting on this city. At the same time, the real estate in Orihuela Costa, are much cheaper than in other popular coastal areas, such as Barcelona or Malaga.

The price of property in Orihuela Costa, starts at € 30,500 (for a small apartment, in an economic area) and reaches 5 million euros or more. The price per square meter of housing in Orihuela Costa, ranges from € 180 to € 35,400, of an average of € 1846 (according to the Idealista website of May 2019).

The following table shows the prices of property in Orihuela Costa, depending on the type of these. The table shows the minimum prices, based on a selection of objects for sale, available on the main Spanish real estate websites:

Property typePrice (from)
Studio€ 33,000
Flat€ 30,500
House or Chalet€ 45,000
Bungalow€ 49,000
Duplex€ 70,000
Penthouse€ 65,000
Villa€ 100,000

The prices of property in Orihuela Costa, depending on the area, according to Idealist data, May 2019:

AreaAverage price € / Sq m
Cabo Roig2986
Lomas de Campoamor-Las Ramblas2840
Punta Prima2408
Lomas de Cabo Roig-Los Dolses2032
La Zenia1916
Los Almendros-La Florida1756
Villamartín-Las Filipinas1693
La Regia1677
Playa Flamenca1633
Zeniamar-Horizonte-La Campana1616
Los Balcones y los Altos1543

Areas of Orihuela Costa

Недвижимость в Ориуэла-Коста

The most popular areas of Orihuela Costa to buy a property are the areas near the sea, as well as the areas located near golf courses.

Campoamor (Dehesa de Campoamor)

Campoamor is a wonderful place to live and spend the holidays. Its main attraction is the natural park of Sierra Escalona and Dehesa de Campoamor, with its rich fauna and flora. The area is considered prestigious: there are mainly villas, townhouses and detached houses, although there are also high-rise buildings with modern apartments and flats. Many of the properties in Campoamor attract attention with their unusual design appearance. In Dehesa de Campoamor, there is a marina and the nautical club Miguel Caballero.

The property in Campoamor costs, on average, € 2185 per Sq m. Dehesa de Campoamor is the perfect area to buy a luxury home in Orihuela Costa, ideal to apply for a “Golden Visa”. Examples of such properties: the luxury villas in Campoamor, in the prestigious “Amay Deluxe” complex, for € 569,000; a luxurious modern villa for € 835,000; a luxury villa by the sea for € 2,400,000. Campoamor on the map:

Cabo Roig

Cabo Roig is a prestigious area, with high housing prices. This area of ​​Orihuela Costa is located on the cape of the same name. The Cabo Roig real estate market is mainly represented by: luxury homes and villas, and closed residential complexes with modern apartments and flats. Cabo Roig offers great sea views from almost anywhere in the area. In addition, Cabo Roig has a marina and a yacht club. The old tower of Cabo Roig from the 16th century, is the main symbol and attraction of the neighborhood. The winery is located in the tower, and next to it there is a beautiful restaurant with magnificent views of the sea.

In Cabo Roig, housing averages € 2986 per square meter. The price of second-hand properties in Cabo Roig starts at € 83,000.

Cabo Roig is considered one of the most expensive areas to buy a home in Orihuela Costa, however, sometimes very good offers appear. As, for example, a duplex 500 meters from the sea, for only € 129,900, and apartments with sea views for only € 89,000. Cabo Roig on the map:

Playa Flamenca

The coastal area of ​​Playa Flamenca is about 15 minutes from Torrevieja, between Punta Prima and La Zenia. This is a quiet area, perfect both to establish permanent with the whole family, and to spend the holidays. One of its advantages is that the prices of the properties here are slightly lower than in Punta Prima, Cabo Roig and Campoamor. Currently, this area is being built actively, and attracts investors with their good prospects.

The price of the property in Playa Flamenca is an average of € 1633 per square meter. The price of second-hand apartments starts at € 68,000. A new apartment in Playa Flamenca, can be purchased directly from the developer from € 140,000, and a wonderful duplex for only € 159,900. Playa Flamenca on the map:

La Zenia

La Zenia is perhaps, the most popular area of ​​Orihuela Costa among the Russians. Russian citizens are delighted to come here, not only to spend their holidays, but also to live permanently. This is one of the most requested places to buy a home in Orihuela Costa. The area is mainly built with houses, bungalows, villas, and high-rise buildings with modern apartments and flats. Also here, is the Zenia Boulevard, one of the largest shopping centres on the Costa Blanca.

The price of housing in La Zenia is an average of € 1916 per square meter. The prices of second-hand homes begin at € 80,000. You can buy a wonderful new-build house in La Zenia, 800 meters from the beach, for € 228,000. La Zenia on the map:

Punta Prima

Punta Prima: an area located on the coast, on the border with Torrevieja, is divided into a bustling tourist area, and a quiet residential area, built with prestigious gated communities, terraced and detached houses, and luxury villas.

The price of the house in Punta Prima on average, is € 2408 per square meter. The price of the second-hand apartments in Punta Prima starts from € 70,000. The new build apartments in Punta Prima, built according to the latest quality standards, can be purchased from € 189,900. Punta Prima on the


Villamartín is a popular area among home buyers on the Costa Blanca. It is located three kilometers from the sea, surrounded by golf courses and pine forests.
Villamartin is built mainly by villas, townhouses, and private residential complexes of modern flats and apartments. The price of housing in Villamartin, and in the nearby area of ​​Las Filipinas, is € 1693 per Sq m. You can buy a second-hand property in Villamartín, from € 30,500. There is a fairly wide range of apartments with an approximate budget of € 35,000 – € 45,000. And with a budget of € 60,000 – € 80,000, there is still more supply.

In Villamartín you will find a large selection of new build homes, since the area is being actively built and attracts large volumes of investment. A new villa in Villamartín, can be purchased from € 275,000.
The most expensive properties in Villamartin, mostly luxury villas, are located next to the golf courses. Although, sometimes, you can find offers at an affordable price. For example, new build apartments, close to the golf courses, from € 152,000, modern apartments from € 209,000, and villas from € 355,000. Villamartín on the map:

Other areas of Orihuela Costa

Previously, we talked about the most popular areas for home buyers in Orihuela Costa. However, there are other equally remarkable areas, but not so well known by buyers, in general.
Los Altos is a beautiful area with low cost real estate. For example, a semi-detached house in a gated residential complex in Los Altos can be purchased for € 103,900, and a spacious apartment with a private patio for € 140,000. Los Altos on the map:

Las Ramblas is a prestigious area next to the golf course that borders Campoamor. The area is considered expensive, and is built mainly with luxury homes. The price of second-hand apartments starts here from € 88,000. The new-build apartments in Las Ramblas, directly from the developer, can be purchased from € 199,000.
Las Ramblas on the map:

Los Dolses is one of the most beautiful and prestigious areas of Orihuela Costa, which borders the coastal areas of Cabo Roig, Campoamor, La Zenia, Punta Prima, Playa Flamenca, as well as the popular district of Villamartin. You can buy a spacious new apartment in Los Dolses, for € 225,000, a new villa next to the golf course, for € 399,900. The price of small second-hand apartments starts from € 60,000.
Los Dolces on the map:

This list could still continue, because Orihuela Costa is a large and very diverse area. If you want to buy a property in Orihuela Costa, but can not decide which area to choose, the specialists of the company “Alegría” will be happy to help you. You can find our offer of properties in Orihuela Costa, here.

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