In the Valencian community, there are many hiking routes aimed at lovers of seclusion in the heart of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Some of these routes are also developed for families with children of various ages, for whom such a trip will be exciting and informative, but not tiring.

Ruta por el paraje natural (Murta), 3 km

Along the road, which is adapted for prams, ruins of an ancient monastery, an old-style house with a garden (open to visit on Saturdays and Sundays, from 12:00 to 14:00), fountains with fish and aqueducts can be seen. There are several eateries for a «halt» near the parking.
маршруты пешего туризма в валенсийском сообществе, по которым можно пройти с детьми

Fuente de los Baños (Montanejos), 4.5 km

The attractiveness of this circular route lies in its thermal springs with healing water occurring on the way, where the water temperature does not drop below 25°C at any time of year. If necessary, a break in small restaurants can be taken, and there is equipped a playground for children.

Senda botánica de Calduch (Villarreal), 4 km

This route, which runs through the city of Villarreal from the chapel of La Mare de Deu de Grácia past a small waterfall and through two narrow tunnels to the medieval bridge of Santa Quiteria, is named after the Spanish botanist Manuel Calducha. Along the way, children can play in a small park where there is a fountain with fish.

Ruta del Agua (Chelva), 5.5 km

маршруты пешего туризма в валенсийском сообществе, по которым можно пройти с детьми

This route starts in the small town of Chelva and runs along the riverbed of Tuéjar. Along the way, not only the views of the pristine nature can be enjoyed, but also learn how and for what the water from this river was used in the past.

Lago de Anna (Anna), 32.4 km

It is suitable for families who love cycling, as this type of transport is ideal for traveling along this route. One can swim in the lake or in the nearby pool, although in view of the current situation, the schedule should be clarified in advance.

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