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New construction homes
Alegria presents a new residential complex of business class Alegria XII, just 20 meters from the sea The six-storey house is located next to the beach of Los Locos in Torrevieja. On sale - 29 apartments (with 1,2 and 3 bedrooms). The complex has a spacious chill out zone, a swimming pool with sea water and heated, a Finnish sauna, a two-level parking. Go to the catalog
purchase savings Favorable prices from the builder We work without intermediaries and commissions. You save on the purchase.
warranty Clean deal You acquire a property with a clean legal history and guarantees, which are spelled out in the contract.
we offer Turnkey property New buildings Alegria fully prepared to live. You are settled immediately after payment.
smart home system Technology and Innovation You do not worry about the quality and safety of housing. New buildings are equipped with innovative climate systems, a system of "smart home", hydro, thermal insulation, etc.

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Buy a house in Calpe

Buy a house in Calpe

Buying a house in Calpe, Spain, is a true dream. The picturesque tourist town of Calpe, located on the Costa Blanca, attracts for its magnificent beaches, its clean air, its peaceful atmosphere and its wonderful views of the sea and the Peñon de Ifach, the main attraction and symbol of the city. If you decide to buy a house in Calpe, you have a wide selection: the traditional Spanish houses, in the old part of the city, some of which can be bought at a very affordable price; the new houses in Calpe, built in accordance with the latest standards of respect for the environment and energy efficiency; and the small cozy cottages or luxury houses in Calpe. Which house in Calpe to choose, depends on your preferences and budget.
Houses in Calpe

Houses in Calpe

If you decide to buy a house in Calpe, you have to choose the area. You will find the largest selection of houses in Calpe in the areas of Cometa-Carrió, Gargasindi, Maryvilla and Canuta. The most prestigious areas (and, consequently, the most expensive) are located in the southwestern part of the city, and the most affordable homes are located in the northwest of Calpe. The houses in Calpe on the seafront, especially in the Peñon de Ifach area, are the most expensive. In addition, the offer of houses in Calpe for sale in this area is very limited: in the area of ​​Arenal Bol and Puerto, there are practically no houses in Calpe for sale. Manzanera is one of the prestigious areas with luxury homes in Calpe, but the offer here is also limited, and the cost is high. In the Canuta and Tosal areas, the house prices in Calpe is approximately the same as in Manzanera, but the offer is much wider. Buying a house in Calpe, in Maryvilla, a privileged area located on the picturesque hillside of the Sierra de Toix, is an especially popular option among foreigners. The houses in Calpe are rented well, especially in high season, so buying a house in Calpe in order to generate income is a good decision.

Sale of houses in Calpe

The sale of houses in Calpe, is one of the main activities of the company "Alegría". In our catalog you will find a great selection of houses in Calpe, for every taste and budget. We have houses for sale in Calpe and surroundings, both owners and developers. The specialists of the company "Alegria", will be happy to answer all your questions related to the sale of houses in Calpe. In addition, they will help you choose a house in Calpe, and will take care of all the procedures of the buying and selling process. Our specialists in selling houses in Calpe, speak English, Spanish, Russian and French. The doors of our offices are always open for you. We offer not only assistance in the purchase of a house in Calpe, but also a series of related services and after-sales: obtaining the NIE (foreigner identification number), opening a bank account in Spain, legal assistance, home insurance for the houses in Calpe, assistance to obtain the residence permit, concierge service, etc.

Cheap houses in Calpe

Cheap houses in Calpe

Buying a cheap house in Calpe is not an easy task, but you can get it with patience, some luck and also with the help of a specialist. Calpe is a fairly expensive area to buy housing, especially when it comes to a house. However, sometimes there are houses in Calpe for sale, at an affordable price. There are offer of cheap houses in Calpe for sale, in the old town: here you can find traditional rustic houses to reform, at a price of € 50,000 -70,000 €. From time to time, offers of houses in Calpe for sale appear, that is to say, at lower prices than usual, in prestigious areas such as Canuta and Maryvilla. However, in such cases you have to be very careful: the house may have some quite serious imperfect, which you may discover later to sign the contract. However, it is possible that this imperfect is not significant for you, or that you are ready to take charge of correcting it. In that case you can buy a cheap house in Calpe, and enjoy your purchase.

House prices in Calpe, Spain

House prices in Calpe, Spain

The house prices in Calpe, Spain, according to data from June 2019, averages € 2190 per m2. The price of rustic houses in Calpe (traditional Spanish houses, which are mainly located in the old part of the city) starts from € 55,000. These houses in Calpe are generally destined to reform. The newest houses in Calpe, suitable to move into, have a price starting at € 100,000. The house prices in Calpe depends on the area: in the center - from € 50,000, in Canuta - from € 123,000, in Cometa-Carrió - from € 99,000, in Gargasindi - from € 115,000, Manzanera-Tosal - from € 160,000, Maryvilla - from € 136,000, Oltamar-Cucarres - from € 145,000, Fossa-Levante Beach - from € 80,000. As already mentioned, in the areas of Playa Arenal Bol and Puerto, the supply of houses in Calpe is very limited, and its price starts from more than € 300,000.

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