The city of Torrevieja is located in the southeast of the peninsula, halfway between Murcia and Alicante and close to the coast. This salt and fishing village is lucky enough to be found at sea level, between two lagoons and next to a natural park. Therefore, with total security, we can say that Torrevieja’s city is in a privileged place.

For many years, Torrevieja’s city has been a reference in Spain as a summer resort, convergence of international cultures, beaches, and an ideal climate. In addition to all this, Torrevieja is known for its famous pink lagoon, a natural phenomenon unique in Spain, which we strongly recommend you to visit physically.

There are many reasons to live in Torrevieja, especially the unmistakable Mediterranean lifestyle, which everyone loves. To all this, we must add many other aspects, such as the climate. If you are looking for a home in order to raise a family and live in a relaxed place close to the sea, this can become your city very soon.

First of all, you should know that Torrevieja is a tourist city and, as such, has both advantages and disadvantages. If you want to live in Torrevieja, you should know that the town multiplies its inhabitants in summer and Easter. If during the school year, from September to June, we have about 67,000 inhabitants, during the holidays we can easily reach 400,000. So, is it possible to live in Torrevieja? Of course, the city of Torrevieja has all the necessary services to live all year round. Besides, we have extensive business opportunities, and not only real estate but also other professional sectors such as lawyers, consultants, hoteliers, and the sectors of activities and nightlife are active throughout the year.

But why come and live in the city of Torrevieja in Spain?

Let us tell you why we love it and why you and your whole family will surely fall in love.

  1. The pleasure of living by the sea

Undoubtedly, living by the sea is a luxury. In fact, the main reason why people come to live in Torrevieja is to have the possibility to live by the sea. Do you know how many benefits there are from living by the sea? The Costa Blanca has a unique charm that is capable of making everyone who comes to visit fall in love with it. Moreover, in Torrevieja, the sea coexists with the Salinas de Torrevieja, another famous place unique in the whole country.

  1. Its wonderful climate

A place’s climate is an essential element when choosing a destination to live in, and Torrevieja boasts an extraordinary climate. Its warm temperatures in summer and mild temperatures in winter are one of the main attractions. Moreover, it is a city with a lot of light, which allows you to practice outdoor activities all year round. People love walking along the promenade and sunbathing in high season and offseason.

  1. Its affordable property prices

Indeed, Torrevieja’s economy is very much marked by seasonality. It is one of the few cities in Spain where the number of second homes is greater than that of the first. In other words, many people invest in real estate here in order to have a home to come to in the summer. For this reason, offseason, it is possible to find affordable housing that allows you to enjoy the pleasure of living in this city.

  1. The peace and quiet that reigns in the city

Small, by the sea, marked by seasonality and with an undeniable aging population: the perfect mix for living in a calm and peaceful city. Likewise, the progressive arrival of the young community can be very positive. In fact, during the last few years, many families from different countries have settled here and are already part of the great Torrevieja family.
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  1. A modern and cosmopolitan city

A large part of the population of Torrevieja is indeed foreigners. They come here precisely because it is a quiet city where they can spend, in many cases, retirement and have a home where their children visit them in summer. However, all this means that this is a very cosmopolitan city, where it is widespread to communicate in different languages and learn about all kinds of cultures. Activities are even organized in this sense in order to promote cultural exchange and hospitality.

  1. A multitude of connections

Although at the moment Torrevieja does not have a train station, it is no less accessible. Torrevieja’s city has multiple road connections, connections to Elche’s airport, the San Isidro train station, and the Mediterráneo highway and motorway. As you can notice, Torrevieja has more than enough accesses in order to communicate with all the big cities since Torrevieja is the fifth biggest city in the Valencian Community.

  1. The delicious gastronomy of the Costa Blanca

One of the most striking aspects for foreigners of the advantages of living on the Costa Blanca is its delicious and unique gastronomy. Try the delightful delicacies of the Costa Blanca, with a surprising range of local and international cuisine. You will enjoy the best of seafood and more than 300 varieties of rice that will captivate you.

  1. Its wide range of leisure activities

Torrevieja has a great environment, in which the sea plays a significant role, where you can enjoy a wide range of water sports and activities: snorkelling; diving; paddle surfing; kayaking; jet skis; boat trips; License free boat rentals; jet boat; banana boat; crazy sofa; parasailing; flyboard; and even surfing. Of course, you can’t miss the romantic walks on the beach and the incredible postcard sunsets. There is also a wide variety of nightlife options along the promenade.

Read about the best beaches of Torrevieja here.

  1. The hospitality of its people

The friendly character of its inhabitants is also another incentive that can make a living here, for many, one of the best choices they can make. Perhaps because of the fresh air, the sun, or the sea’s endless views, everyone is always happy in this city. Also, various dance activities, language and gastronomic exchanges, etc., are frequently organized.

  1. Its wide range of services and its charming living areas

Considering all of the above, choosing a good area to live in will save us money and provide us with facilities in terms of transport and the services we need. Torrevieja has an area of 71 km²,and although it may not seem so, every area has its good and bad parts. In other words, if you intend to have a business and be involved in the local day-to-day, the centre of Torrevieja is the best option. There are many free commercial premises here, and you will save a lot of money on petrol. In addition, there are three schools, three health centres, supermarkets, and, fortunately, you will also live very close to the beach in this area.
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Another area close to the sea and with very affordable prices is “El Acequión,” located further south. The area of Avenida Habana and Playa del Cura is undoubtedly one of the best areas to live in Torrevieja. It combines the advantages of the two areas mentioned above, although this area’s price is higher.

As we move away from the centre, there are other areas, such as Playa de Los Locos, ideal for investments in tourist housing.

The area near the industrial estate is affordable and excellent if you work outside the city, or La Mata, a Torrevieja district that borders Guardamar del Segura to the north and the Natural Park Of Las Lagunas De La Mata to the west. Torrevieja also has several urbanizations ideal for living in total tranquillity, with bungalow-type homes characterized by a more American atmosphere, street parking, extensive green areas, and all the services you need.

What you can’t miss if you come to Torrevieja

10 razones para vivir en Torrevieja, España

Its tourist attractions

Here is a list of the most famous and beautiful landmarks and points of interest in this charming city:

  • La Torre del Moro: A coastal watchtower built on a hill and located on the Cape Cervera in Torrevieja.
  • El Parque de las Naciones. A park of almost 40,000 m2,which has a central lake with various animals whose silhouette is that of the European continent.
  • El Parque del Molino del Agua. A park with 17.22 hectares of extension. In its subsoil, there are more than 500 meters of underground galleries of aquifers.
  • The Natural Park Of Las Lagunas De La Mata. An area of wetlands of crucial importance for the development of the biological cycles of numerous species.
  • The coves and beaches of Torrevieja. La Mata Beach; Los Locos Beach; Caninca Punta Margalla Beach; El Cura Beach; Los Náufragos Beach; El Acequión Beach; La Zorra Cove; Cabo Cervera Cove; El Palangre Cove; La Higuera Cove; Redonda Cove; Los Trabajos Cove; Ferrís Cove; Piteras Cove; El Moro Cove; El Mojón Cove and Piscinas Naturales Cove.
  • El Parque de la Estación. An old railway station that has been reconverted into a magnificent square with skating rinks, gardens, and much more.
  • La Torre de la Mata. A coastal watchtower built on the beach of La Mata.
  • La sociedad cultural casino de Torrevieja. A private Modernist style building built in 1896.
  • La Iglesia Arciprestal de la Inmaculada Concepción. The most visited church in the whole city and head of the Catholic Church in Torrevieja.
  • La plaza de Oriente. Where the Church of the Sacred Heart, recently built in concrete and iron, is.
  • El Paseo Vista Alegre. A street where you can quietly walk while enjoying the spectacular views of the coast.
  • El conjunto histórico monumental de las Eras de la Sal. A place where, in the past, the salt makers loaded the salt to transport it to the ships in the bay.
  • El Paseo Juan Aparicio. A street located on the rocks of Torrevieja’s coast. It was designed at the beginning of the last century.

Its exciting festivals

10 reasons to live in Torrevieja, Spain-3

  • Holy Week in Torrevieja. From 14th to the 21st of April. It was declared of Tourist Interest by the Generalitat Valenciana.
  • The Carnival of Torrevieja. From the 2nd of February to the 3rd of March. Declared to be of Provincial Tourist Interest. With an infinite number of performances and competitions.
  • The May Fair in Torrevieja. From the 4th to the 8th of May. With dances, horse rides, equestrian shows, and daily performances.
  • The Bonfires of San Juan. On the 23rd of June at 23.59 hours. Watch a firework display from the sea.
  • The Virgin of El Rocío. In the middle of June. A pilgrimage accompanied by different events, such as masses, equestrian activities, children’s games, etc.
  • The Virgin of El Carmen, patron saint of fishermen. Around the 16th of July. Different activities are organized.
  • The patron saint festival of the Immaculate Conception in Torrevieja. From the 30th of November to the 9th of December. They include a paella competition that deserves an independent article.
  • The International Choral Contest Habaneras and Polyphony in Torrevieja. From 17th to the 23rd of July. It is known all over the world.
  • The Three Kings. With the traditional Cavalcade.
  • The Sacred Heart of Jesus. With Eucharists, processions, chinchón games, parcheesi, raffles, fireworks, etc.
  • St. Emigdio. During the first week of August. With popular games, street parties, open-air dances, and religious events.
  • The San Roque Festival in Torrevieja. During the first fortnight of August. With skateboard and scooter races, paella and homemade dessert competitions, children’s games, prize draws, indoor football championships, etc.
  • The Virgen of Rosario, patron saint of La Mata. During the first week of October. Parade of carnival figures with oversized heads (cabezudos), dinners, children’s games, bouncy castles, a parade of floats, and different religious events.

In short, until you come here, you will not know first-hand the city with 300 days of sun a year, which allows swimming in its beaches all year round, which has promenades along all its coasts, which unites 40 different nationalities and which has the best gastronomy of the area. For all these reasons and all the above, it is worth living in Torrevieja.

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