The health and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic hit the tourism sector in Spain hard. The hotel segment affected the most, as well as the business connected with tourist apartments for rent. Many owners, in order not to lose income altogether, began to rent housing on a long-term lease. However, there are those who are still bent on tourist apartments but with a change of the client profile: now they are focused not on ordinary tourists, but on the so-called digital nomads, those who work remotely (online).

The pandemic has forced many companies to move their employees to remote work – where possible. This measure reduces the risk of infection to a minimum and saves jobs. In turn, the owners of tourist apartments received new clients. This is stated by Guillermo Martinez, CEO of Minty Host, the company that manages tourist apartments in Madrid, Malaga and Seville. Martinez also notes that business travel and medical tourism have also helped keep the sector of tourist rent afloat.

Examples include the influx of specialists to Seville in connection with the construction of the new Amazon logistics center and to Madrid in connection with the reconstruction of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

The main thing for these clients is a good speed of Internet connection in the apartment and sufficient space for arrangement of the workplace.

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