Windsurfing is one of the most popular marine sports. Light wind boards with sails can be seen at all Spanish resorts. Torrevieja wasn’t an exception. The southern part of Costa Blanca is ideal for many water sports. Perhaps, it is impossible to do only a classic surfing due to the lack of big waves.

La Mata is ideal beach for Windsurfing in Torrevieja, especially during a light breeze or a stronger Levant, fresh and moist wind blowing towards the coast from the East or Northeast.

Surfing along the beaches during the bathing season is not allowed, because of the crowds of people, who wouldn’t be satisfied to swim near windsurfers. However, the beach of La Mata is long, reaching 2.5-3 km from Torrelamata to La Mata, and its middle part is usually deserted, and that is the perfect condition to do your favorite sport.

If you are not a beginner, then you should know all about the equipment and the sites where you can watch the weather forecast. Beginners can take some lessons with an instructor. Schools that offer courses have all the necessary equipment at your disposal. In addition, they are obliged to pay the insurance.

Zoak Center in Guardamar del Segura conducts classes in Spanish and English. It is a 6-hour course (3 hours for theory + 3 hours for practice under the supervision of the instructor) which costs € 110. The second course, which includes exclusively the practice and skills improvement, will cost € 60.

The school Sensaciones Náuticas in Torrevieja organizes the Windsurfing courses in July and August. You can choose one-day or week-long training course. Price: from € 130.


There is another school, La Escandalosa, which offers Windsurfing classes for everyone, at any age and having any level of training. Price: € 160 for a week of training. The school office is located in the right part of the port Marina Internacional, which means almost in the center of Torrevieja.

You can find a weather forecast for the beach of La Mata at windguru.

If you don´t like La Mata beach for some reason, you can go to the neighboring city. On the Playa de La Gola beach in Santa Pola there are many kitesurfing and windsurfing fans. But you can blast out to the South towards Los Alcázares and Mar Menor, or far away towards La Manga.

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