Services in Torrevieja, Alicante and other cities.

The company ”Alegría” offers its clients a full range of services in Spain, related to the process of buying real estate in Spain. In addition, we take care of solving all problems that may have buyers and owners of real estate in Spain. All services in Spain are provided by Alegria experts: lawyers, tax advisors, immigration lawyers. We provide services in Torrevieja, Alicante, Benidorm and other cities of the Costa Blanca. Most of the services in Spain are provided to our customers free of charge. Below, you can find out the complete list of services in Spain provided by ”Alegria”.

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support of the transaction process Special conditions for customers

We provide most of our services to our customers for free. You do not need to pay third parties for supporting the process of buying real estate in Spain - opening a bank account, transferring and apostille documents, paying taxes, obtaining a residence permit and NIE - foreigner numbers, etc. We save your money, and related services are included in the work plan.

Teemme työtä erilaisilla kielillä Kansainvälistä palvelua

65 специалистов компании "Alegria" говорят на русском, украинском, английском, испанском, немецком, французском и других языках. Мы полностью покрываем потребности иностранных клиентов в выборе и покупке недвижимости на Коста-Бланке, решении бытовых, юридических и иммиграционных вопросов.

troubleshooting Warranty service

When buying new buildings Alegria, we offer free warranty service and maintenance of the object in case of any domestic issues. Our company has a special unit - the elimination of problems is carried out by Alegria staff experts, not through a service provider.

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