On the eve of summer, we are choosing a place for the beach rest. Tonight, we are going to the Mediterranean Sea, in Benidorm (Spain). The beaches of this resort city annually receive the highest award – «Blue flag» for the cleanliness of the coastal zone and the sea, comfort and safety of tourists. Let’s dwell on each of them in more detail.

The coastline is divided in two parts by a rock. Jutting out far into the sea, it demarcates the territory of Benidorm’s beaches. The Mediterranean balcony is a favorite tourist spot. This is an observation platform on the edge of the cliff. From here, it’s wonderful to watch the magnificent landscape of the sea and the beauty of the city.

The Poniente beach in Benidorm

6 beaches in Benidorm
If you are going to visit Benidorm as a family, Playa de Poniente is ideal for holidays with children. The Poniente beach is annually rewarded the «Blue flag» by the international commission for its cleanliness and facilities. The coastline is covered with fine light sand and stretched 3 kilometers. There are places for recreation, children’s entertainment and sports on the beach. Here you can lie on a deck chair, hiding your head from the sun under an umbrella. There are well-organised areas for beach volleyball and football, children’s climbing walls and slides.

The beach is equipped with wooden decks for strollers, a medical aid station and lifeguard towers, toilet and shower. The sea is clear, transparent, calm, with an easy slope. The sand is cleaned and flattened daily.

There is a beautiful promenade with many restaurants near the beach. You can also sit on a bench enjoying the sea views. Tourists note magnificent sunsets too.

Getting to Poniente beach is easy. There are several bus stops nearby.

The Levante beach in Benidorm

To the left of the cliff there is the Levante beach (Playa de Levante). This is one of the most famous and popular beaches in the city, the epicenter of party life. It is always noisy and crowded. The festive atmosphere is created by well-developed infrastructure with many bars, restaurants, night clubs with loud music.
6 beaches in Benidorm
From early morning until late at night young people have fun with cocktails and beer on the beach. Despite this, the beach is clean and awarded the «Blue flag». Guests can enjoy various types of water sports and entertainment.

Along the beach lies a beautiful promenade with hotels and apartments, restaurants, shops, souvenir kiosks.

Young active people, you need to get down here!

The beach Cala del Mal Pas in Benidorm

6 beaches in Benidorm
The large and famous beaches of Benidorm cover the picturesque beach of La Cala del Mal Pas, Benidorm. It seems to be hidden in a small bay and borders on the right with the balcony of the Mediterranean. Intruding rocks surround the beach and create comfort. Despite the small size of the beach (120 meters), there are always lifeguard and medical officer on duty, and it’s equipped with wooden decking, toilet and shower.

Chaise loungers, beach umbrellas and catamarans are also organized for rent.
6 beaches in Benidorm
The coast is clean and the sea with clear azure water, an easy slope and an extended shoal – thanks to all that, the beach Cala del Mal Paz, Benidorm is annually awarded the «Blue flag».

The beach and сove of Almadrava in Benidorm

La Cala Almadrava is a natural bay surrounded by green meadows near the Sierra Hellas mountain. This beach of Benidorm is a secret resting place for nudists. Here you can sunbathe both in a swimsuit and without it. The beach is studded with sand mixed with small pebbles.
The sea with crystal-clear water and a rocky bottom is very popular with divers. Kite and windsurfing enthusiasts also come here.
6 beaches in Benidorm
How to get there? Go to the Rincon de Loix area at the beginning of Levante beach. From there, walking through a small hill along the sea, you will see a descent to the bay and the beach of Almadrava.

The beach-bay Tio Ximo in Benidorm

If you go further in the direction of Levante beach, just behind the Bay of Almadrava is placed the smallest beach in Benidorm – Tio Ximo (Cala del Tio Ximo). In a rocky tiny bay, the shore is strewn with stones and pebbles, which is washed by clear, transparent sea water. Here you can meet divers and kite surfers along with vacationers, basking on loungers in the summer sunlight.

The beach Cala de Finestrat in Benidorm

The beach of Cala de Finestrat is often called «La Cala». It is separated from the Poniente beach in Benidorm by a small mountain.
The owner of the «Blue flag», the La Cala beach is equipped with all the necessary conveniences for a pleasant and safe family holiday. Children of all ages will enjoy a variety of play areas. Soft fine sand is regularly cleaned and flatted. The sea is clear, calm and sometimes rocks can be found on the sandy bottom. Local palm trees create a beautiful landscape, but do not give enough shade. We recommend you rent or take with you a sunbed and a beach umbrella. There is a center of water activities. There is a promenade along the beach with many shops, restaurants and offers of tourist accommodation.

There is a road nearby, where bus services run. There are also parking lots for cars.

Usually the beach is scattered with vacationers in the high season, but the influx of people declines by early September.
The resort city will keep all its guests happy. Spectacular celebrations and vibrant life on the Levante beach, family holidays by the pure sea of Playa de Poniente or La Cala. It is better to dive with a mask and scuba gear in the bays of Almadrava and Tio Ximo, and to contemplate the beauty of the sea and the Old downtown from sandy shores of Cala del Mal Pas. Welcome to Benidorm! Spain, beaches, happiness is the motto of this summer.

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