Spain is a wonderful country for living with children, that provides everything necessary for a happy and healthy childhood: clean air, warm sunny climate, the sea and wonderful beaches, quality food, schools with a high level of education, a lot of entertainment, kindness towards children – it will take a long time to list all the advantages. A huge positive of Spain is that both middle and higher income households can to move here: cost of living is affordable, and housing prices are relatively low compared to other European countries. Regard to educational institutions, Spain has both prestigious private schools and completely free public ones. So, if you have already decided to move to Spain with your children, which city should you pick to live in? Today we will tell you about some good options in Valencia and Alicante.

Spain with children: Torrevieja

Spain with children: which city is better to pick for life?

This is a very popular town among immigrants on the Mediterranean coast. Despite its modest size, it has a well-developed infrastructure that provides everything you need for life and leisure. In addition, Torrevieja is characterized by affordable housing prices, both for purchase and for rent.

Torrevieja is the best place for residence with children. The fact that the town is small, everything is just a stone’s throw away: wonderful beaches for family holidays, cafes and restaurants, playgrounds, a beautiful park for walking – the Park of Nations, where many birds (geese, ducks, peacocks, chickens, roosters and even parrots) live, which makes children excited, excellent schools – private, semi – private and public, a large selection of sports sections for children of all ages (including a huge Sports Palace) – in a word, everything that’s needed for a comfortable family life. Near the town there is a unique nature reserve – the natural park of lagoons of La Mata and Torrevieja. This is not only a wonderful place to spend a weekend with the whole family, but also a great location for family and children’s photo shoots. And the salt lakes of La Mata enrich the air with healing minerals – another plus into the pool of Torrevieja’s advantages for life.

Another undeniable advantage of Torrevieja is that it is a very cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic town, which is essential for immigrant families. The residents of Torrevieja are very friendly and responsive, there are strong national dynasties where people help each other in difficult circumstances.

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Spain with children: Alicante

Испания с детьми: какой город выбрать для жизни?
Alicante is a great city to live with children: sunny, warm, hospitable, with excellent infrastructure and magnificent beaches, many attractions, a large selection of schools and places for family leisure.

In Alicante you will find wonderful parks for walking with children, a beautiful promenade and port, the ancient fortress of Santa Barbara, towering over the city, cafes, bars and restaurants, playgrounds, many children’s shops and much more.

Even if you do not have any special plans, you can always just walk with your children along Explanada Boulevard with many stalls selling souvenirs, toys and sweets; walk along the embankment, where you can admire beautiful yachts and feed fish; walk along Canalejas Boulevard with its fantastic ficus, similar to the background for the movie «Avatar».

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Spain with children: Guardamar del Segura


The quiet and picturesque Guardamar del Segura is one of the best places for children and pensioners. What only 11 km of beaches are worth, covered with softest golden sand and separated from the town by a unique natural landscape – sand dunes. Next to the beaches, there is a promenade with many cafes, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy first-class local cuisine.

Another attraction of Guardamar is a huge park with pines and eucalyptus trees. Trees were planted here to stop the advance of the dunes on the town. Over time, this place has turned into a beautiful landscaped park with pure air, enriched with pine and eucalyptus vapor, and equipped with paths for walking. The park has an area with ponds, home to colored carp, turtles, swans, geese and ducks. Plus, there are a lot of squirrels in the park that can be hand-fed. There is also a children’s playground on the park’s territory, and in summer attractions for children of all ages are installed next to it. Guardamar has several schools, kindergartens, many shops, sports clubs, a surf school for children and adults, as well as a children’s summer camp focused on surfing and immersion in English.

Plus there are also ruins of an old castle on the mountain in Guardamar, and archaeological excavations are being carried out on the territory of the dunes.

Guardamar del Segura on the map

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Spain with children: Calpe

Испания с детьми: какой город выбрать для жизни?
The remarkably beautiful town of Calpe is perfect for families with children. The town is famous for its picturesque landscapes, beautiful nature, rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as a high standard of living and security. Calpe has no disadvantaged areas, it is mainly inhabited by people of medium and high income, who prefer to live in the environment of nature, away from the places where tourists gather; although Calpe is a resort town, it is quiet, calm and comfortable.

The main attraction of the town is the unique rock of Ifach, which stands out in the sea and is recognized as a nature reserve. There are several routes of varying difficulty levels: you can walk at the foot of the cliff, or you can climb to the top and enjoy the stunning views, but this route is not suitable for little kids because of its complexity.

You can walk with children along the Paseo ecológico Príncipe de Asturias, which runs along the foot of the cliff and starts from the port of Calpe. One more interesting option for walking with the whole family is the Paseo Ecológico de Benissa – this is a route along the coast that connects the towns of Calpe and Benissa and passes through picturesque bays.

Calpe offers a large selection of beaches – both sandy and rocky. Many of them are well suited for swimming with a mask and snorkel. Children (and their parents for sure, too) will be delighted with the process: the underwater flora and fauna of these places is incredibly rich and diverse, no wonder that the sea floor in the area of the rock Ifach is a protected area.

Calpe has a good infrastructure that makes family living very comfortable. The town has several schools (public, private and semi-private), kindergartens, many places for children’s leisure and sports, cafes and restaurants – you can always find something to do.

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Benidorm and its satellite towns: Finestrat, Villajoyosa, Polop

Испания с детьми: какой город выбрать для жизни?
Although Benidorm itself can be recommended for family life, its satellite towns are still better suited for living with children. Why? Benidorm is primarily a resort city, quite noisy and lively. However, Poniente, one of Benidorm’s districts is quite suitable for family life: it is calmer, the beach is not so crowded, all infrastructure for living and recreation is very well developed. But back to the satellite towns of Benidorm. Let’s start with Finestrat.

This town or rather its district of Cala de Finestrat, contiguous closely to Benidorm and the prestigious area of Sierra Cortina, located next to the mountains are chosen for permanent family residence by both Spanish people and foreigners. The wonderful climate, magnificent views and high standard of living are the main advantages of this zone. And just a few minutes away from here are the famous amusement parks of Benidorm – «Terra Mitica», «Terra Natura», «Aqualandia» – a real festivity for children of all ages (and for adults too).

Finestrat on the map.

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Villajoyosa is another town, which was once a companion of Benidorm. Villajoyosa is called «The Chocolate Capital» of the Costa Blanca, because the Valor Chocolate Factory and the Chocolate Museum are placed here. Plus, Villajoyosa is a very beautiful and picturesque town. What are the colored facades of fishermen’s houses looking out to sea worth! Those who prefer quiet and comfort, beautiful nature and clean air settle here.

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Villajoyosa on the map.

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Polop is a town located remote from the sea, 20 minutes from Benidorm, in a beautiful place surrounded by forests and mountains. Polop has everything for a comfortable life with children: schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and a sports complex with a wide range of sections, etc. Life in Polop is well suited for those who do not like the bustle of the city and prefer a good environment, beautiful landscapes and silence. At the same time, Benidorm with its huge offer of entertainment and beautiful beaches is very close.

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Polop on the map.

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Spain with children: Valencia

Испания с детьми: какой город выбрать для жизни?

Beautiful Valencia is a wonderful city to live with children: modern, dynamic, comfortable, with excellent infrastructure, a great selection of educational institutions of the highest level, a rich cultural, architectural and historical heritage, a wide range of entertainment for children and adults. In addition, Valencia is located next to the sea, and despite its huge by Spanish standards size (Valencia is the third largest city in the country after Madrid and Barcelona), it is an incredible comfortable city to live in. Another undeniable advantage of Valencia is moderate property prices and a large selection of housing for every taste and budget.

Valencia is perfect for those who are used to live in a big city and do not want to move to the Spanish province.

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Simply to list all the attractions of Valencia, we should write a separate article, so here we limit ourselves to mentioning the most important ones: the City of Sciences and Arts of Valencia, the Park in the dry riverbed of Turia, the Cathedral and Basilica, the Miguelete Tower, the Biopark, the Palace of Music, many museums, etc.

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Also, in Valencia you will find beautiful parks for family recreation – Valencia is a very green city.

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