Alfaz del Pi (Valencian: L’Alfàs del Pi) is a pretty resort town in eastern Spain, belonging to the Marina Baja region in the province of Alicante. Although this town is not located directly on the sea coast, this did not prevent it from becoming a cozy and comfortable tourist destination for residents of both European and other countries.

In addition, Alfaz del Pi is surrounded by other remarkable resorts: for example, incendiary Benidorm is placed five kilometers to the South, picturesque Altea is six kilometers to the North, La Nucia, immersed in fruit trees, is five kilometers to the west, and only three and a half kilometers to the east there is the large beach of Cap Blanc.

Alfaz del Pi: Population

According to the Census Institute (INE), the number of inhabitants of the town today is 0.05% of the total population of Spain. Between 2011 and 2014, Alfaz del Pi experienced a strong population growth of +2.6%. Based on these indicators, it was assumed that the number of inhabitants will increase to 25,477 people by the year 2021. However, the pandemic has made its own adjustments to the real estate and tourism sector, and, at the beginning of the year 2021, only 20,495 people lived in the town.

Alfaz del Pi: Climatic Conditions and Weather

The climate of Alfaz del Pi is favorable for both holidays and permanent residence here.

The warmest months are July with an average temperature of +29°C, August with +30°C and September with +27°C. There is practically no rainfall during this period, maximum – 1-2 rainy days per month.

The coolest weather is from December to March, when the air temperature is about 14-16°C, which, however, does not negate the clear and sunny days, the total number of which is more than three hundred days in a year.

By the way, there are many wellness and sports centers in Alfaz del Pi, where you can take care of your health and keep yourself in great shape all year round.

Alfaz del Pi: the History of the Town

The history of the development of Alfaz del Pi began with fortifications built to protect its inhabitants against Barbary pirates. Inside the settlement itself, the locals planted orchards and grew almonds, which formed the basis for its economy. The narrow streets of Baldons, Calvari, or Marina Baixa with their picturesque Mediterranean-style houses, as well as the majestic Plaza Mayor with lush pine trees, and the church of San José, recall those times when the life of the town proceeded in accordance with the seasons of agriculture, and the ringing of bells proclaimed the beginning and end of the working day.

The data of archaeological excavations of these places showed that the first inhabitants appeared here during the Neolithic period, from the 5th century BC, when the first Iberian settlements were established, and in the 2nd-4th centuries AD, the Roman conquerors held sway on the territory of Alfaz del Pi.

The region has not bypassed by the Arab domination, which lasted from 711 to 1258, which was reflected in the cultural traditions and appearance of the town, and in the 7th-8th centuries, here, as in the entire region of Alicante, there were fights with North African pirates.

In the 16th century, the settlement still had a different name – Alfaz del Polop. At this time, the large-scale construction of an irrigation system, called Rieg Mayor de Alfaz, began in the town. Thanks to a complex network of canals and many mills, agricultural land began to prosper and the population began to grow. Interestingly, this irrigation system continued to function even 345 years after it was built!

In 1836, the name of the town changed due to the independence of the municipality from Polop, and now it was called Alfaz del Pi – in honor of pine trees (Valencian dialect), which were solemnly planted as a symbol of independence in the main square, in 1786.

Back in the middle of the 19th century, only 250 inhabitants were registered in the town, and today Alfaz del Pi has turned into a multinational resort with a population of about 20.5 thousand people.

Today it is a wonderful Mediterranean town, popular with those who appreciate the combination of a comfortable climate, the authentic atmosphere of an old settlements and a quite calm and measured pace of life away from megacities.

Since the middle of the last century, not the sale of fruits, but the developed tourism sector gradually began to play the main role in replenishing the town treasury.

Alfaz del Pi: Attractions

As we can see from the rich history of the town, where the struggle for possession of these fertile lands was in full swing, and Roman and Muslim motifs were tightly intertwined in culture not violating the Spanish identity, unfortunately, there was no chance to keep old buildings intact. And yet, in addition to beach holidays at nearby Cap Blanc and Playa del Albir, there are other places that are worth visiting in Alfaz del Pi.

The Lighthouse (Faro de l’Albir)

In the beautiful natural park of Sierra Helada, which stretches along the sea coast, one can enjoy a walk to the picturesque Lighthouse Del Albir. The road there is well-groomed and comfortable, and beautiful landscapes, sea air and a refreshing breeze will accompany you all the way.

The ascent to the lighthouse is not difficult, and it is quite possible to carry it out even in the company of children. At the beginning of the route, there is a convenient parking space, where a free place can be found almost always. The main thing is not to forget to take water with you so that the walk has left only pleasant impressions.

  • Address: Parque Natural Sierra Helada, 03581 L’Alfàs del Pi, Alicante
  • Phone: +34 965 888 265
  • Website:

Ancient ocher mines (Antigua Mina de Ocre)

It is known that ocher, a natural yellow-brown mineral paint, began to be mined in prehistoric times, and its small-scale exploitation continued until the beginning of the 20th century. As an example of such mining, the mine of Virgen del Carmen has been preserved, located in the natural park, near the Lighthouse Del Albir.

Here you can still see the former dwellings of the miners, as well as traces of extractive activities that were carried out in the area. It is recommended to visit the excursion with the whole family in order to get learn not only about the peculiarities of the extraction of natural pigment – ocher, but also to get acquainted with the local diverse fauna and flora. At the end of the tour, you can go down to the mine bay to swim in its crystal clear waters.

The Equestrian Club of Hípica Sierra Helada

This is a great place to finally learn how to ride a horse! Riding lessons are available for adults and children – in fact, this club even has groups for children with disabilities, which is an effective rehabilitation and a great opportunity to «feel in the saddle» in every sense of the word.

  • Address: Camí del Repetidor, 5, 03503 l’Alfàs del Pi, Alicante
  • Phone: +34693012399
  • Website:

The Tower of Bombarda (La Torre Bombarda)

The remains of the ancient tower of Bombarda or Punta del Albir are located in the northernmost part of the Sierra Helada Natural Park chain.

To get there, you can take as a guide the Lighthouse Del Albir, which has an access by an asphalt road. Also, there is a hiking trail leading right to the tower. Click the relevant route link.

The history of the tower is as follows: the municipality of Alfaz del Pi, located far from the coast, allowed it to maintain a more protected position from pirate raids, compared to other coastal settlements.

Initially, the tower was a part of a residential building, which was later transformed into the Alfas castle-fortress. Now there are hardly any remains of the house, but in ancient times, local residents found shelter and a safe haven from Barbary pirates here.

Today, the tower is a log-pyramidal structure about four meters high, with a gate fortified at the base. The results of archaeological excavations have shown that the Bombarda tower was built according to the same architectural scheme as other towers in this area, such as Torre del Giraley, Torre del Charco or Torre de Aguas.

Would you like to visit Alfaz del Pi or even settle here permanently? If you are interested in this wonderful town and you are interested in renting or buying property here, then we will be happy to answer all your questions. Our catalog of real estate in Spain can be found following the link.

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