During the Covid-19 pandemic, sales of residential and commercial real estate in Spain dropped sharply, but transactions still continued to be carried out online. In the second quarter of 2020, when the country declared a state of emergency, on average,1.6 property was sold for every thousand inhabitants. In this regard, the leader was the Valencian community, where this figure was 2.08, and Alicante (2.62) leads all the Spanish provinces.

Out of 10,389 properties were sold in the province of Alicante during this period, almost 85% accounts for the secondary market. 35.2% of buyers were foreign nationals, this figure is much higher than the national averages (10.7%). The majority of those who bought property in Spain were British citizens, Germans, Romanians, French, Moroccans and Belgians by nationality.

The average amount of mortgage given in Spain from April to June was 129,806 euros, the increase is of 2.3% compared to the previous quarter. In the case of the Valencian community, the size of the mortgage was much lower − 90.4 thousand euros, as well as the loan term − 22 years against 23 years and 11 months. The same is true for the monthly payment − 433.13 euros in the Valencian community and 580.8 euros nationwide.

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