The first question asked by people who decide to live on the Costa Blanca, is what place to choose to live. Calpe is one of the best options. But where to live in Calpe? What areas in Calpe are the best places to live?
Calpe is a picturesque tourist town located on the Costa Blanca. Life in Calpe can be considered a dream come true, for those who want to live by the sea and enjoy a quiet life in the middle of nature. When visiting Calpe for the first time, you will surely fall in love with this city: the narrow streets of the old town, the magnificent scenery, the fresh sea breeze, the wonderful beaches and, of course, the majestic Penyal d´Ifach, the symbol of Calpe.

In this article, we tell you all about the best districts of Calpe to live.

Districts of Calpe

In general, the principle is as follows: the most prestigious and expensive areas are located in the southwestern part of Calpe, and the most affordable in the northwest. You will find the largest housing offer in Calpe in the areas of Cometa-Carrió, Calpe Pueblo (Town), and Fossa-Levante Beach. In areas such as Manzanera-Tosal and Puerto (Port), the offer is limited.

Calpe offers many types of housing: apartments, bungalows, houses, villas. The majority of the houses are new construction. Although Calpe does not belong to low-cost housing areas, here you can find options for all budgets. In addition, it is possible to contract a mortgage with a rate of 2.5 to 3% per annum.

Puerto (port)

The Puerto area is located at the foot of the Penyal d´Ifach, and is one of the most prestigious and expensive in Calpe. The housing market here is represented by studios, flats and luxury apartments, in high-rise residential complexes. Prices start at € 99,000, for a studio or a one-bedroom apartment. Here there are many new homes. Also, in the Puerto area you can find traditional chalets with facades decorated with tiles. These houses, combined with the fresh sea breeze and the sea views, give the area a special charm.

From the port begins the beautiful Prince of Asturias Ecological Promenade. In the port, the Nautical Club Nautic Calp is located, which makes this area especially attractive for sailing enthusiasts. For them, there are some ideal apartments, for a price from € 185,500, in the new residential complex «Calpe II», which is just a few minutes walk from the port.

Playa de Fosa-Levante

Calpe, Spain: the best areas to live

To the left of the Penyal d´Ifach is the area of ​​Playa de Fossa-Levante, adjacent to the beach of the same name. This is the most tourist area of ​​Calpe, which is recommended to those who want to reside permanently, and like to live in the nerve centre of leisure and tourist life. In the area of ​​Playa de la Fossa, you will find a lot of bars, restaurants, cafes and leisure areas. Here there is a great gathering of foreign tourists, especially in high season. This area has many hotels, a large selection of apartments and a limited number of houses. Playa de la Fossa is very demanded by investors who want to have benefits with the rent. The apartments for rent in this area are reserved well in advance. The properties in the Fossa-Levante area are also expensive, although you can find affordable options: from € 46,000 a studio, and € 70,000 per apartment. If we talk about luxury homes, the new construction apartments in a residential complex, 150 meters from Playa de Levante and 300 meters from the Penyal d´Ifach, can be purchased for € 185,500.

Next to the Playa de la Fossa, there is the salt lake area of ​​Las Salinas. This incredible water reserve permeates the air with beneficial minerals for the organism. Homes with views of Las Salinas are very popular among buyers and renters. This is an ideal area to reside permanently in Calpe: fresh air, peace and tranquility, the beach is within walking distance, has all the necessary infrastructure. In addition, the city centre is very close to here, so you can always go for a walk or shopping. The modern apartments with views of Ifach and the salt lake can be purchased for € 256,000.

Playa Arenal-Bol

To the right of the Penyal d´Ifach is the beach of Playa Arenal-Bol and the district of the same name. This area is more suitable for permanent residence than the Fossa-Levante Beach. It is a quieter area, there are not so many tourists. Here are residential developments and prestigious residential complexes. The price of housing in Playa Arenal-Bol starts from € 80,000 (for a study). Playa Arenal-Bol is one of the most expensive areas of Calpe: the average price per square meter is € 2581. This area is actively built with new residential complexes. The spacious new apartments with sea views, located in a prestigious residential complex 150 meters from the beach of Arenal-Bol, and very close to the city center, can be purchased for € 318,200.

Calpe Pueblo (town)

Calpe, Spain: the best areas to live

The Playa Arenal-Bol area is adjacent to the Calpe Pueblo area, which includes the historic center of Calpe. In this area, there is the largest selection of properties in Calpe, however, almost all of them are of old construction. In the center of Calpe, you can find properties at an affordable price, and the main advantage in this area is the proximity of the sea: wherever you live, the sea will always be close. Another advantage is the urban infrastructure: shops, schools, sports clubs, business centers, etc., all within walking distance. If you do not have a vehicle, and do not plan to buy one, Calpe Pueblo is the perfect place for you.

In the upper part of Calpe Pueblo, at the end of the Gabriel Miró Avenue and to the left of it, is the historic center of Calpe. This is the most interesting part of Calpe, with narrow streets full of history, and all the charm of the old town.

The streets of the historic center are decorated with plants and flowers, and the neighbors here are very friendly. Of course, you will not find a new-build home here, but if you like the local flavor and the atmosphere of a quiet Mediterranean city, surely this is your place. If you want to live in a new house, but near the center, you can consider the modern design apartments, with views of the sea and the salt lake, located just 3 minutes from the center (from € 145,000).


The districts of Playa Arenal-Bol and Playa de Fossa-Levante, are bordered by the large area of ​​Cometa-Carrió, which consists of residential areas, built mainly with houses, bungalows, semi-detached houses and villas. This is the greenest area of ​​Calpe, ideal for the whole family. The area has a wide range of housing, including new construction. The price of the houses starts from € 99,000. This area is worth considering, for those seeking a home to obtain the «Golden Visa». In Cometa Carrió, you can buy a beautiful modern villa for € 535,000, or a design villa for € 649,000.


Approximately, the same situation is observed in the Gargasindi area, although the housing offer here is significantly lower than in Cometa-Carrió. The district of Gargasindi is landlocked, and the price of housing here is quite affordable.


The La Manzanera cove is another picturesque and wonderful coastal place in Calpe, where the Manzanera-Tosal area is located. The local beach is ideal for diving, snorkeling and fishing. This is a wonderful area to live, with beautiful sea views. The price of the home here starts from € 92,000. Here you will find modern apartments, houses, chalets, and luxury villas. The Manzanera is ideal for living, mainly because of its location: being a very quiet area, it is located near the center and on the seafront. In addition, it has access to the beach, which is not as crowded as the beaches of Arenal-Bol and Fossa-Levante. This area has everything you need for a full and quiet life, and is far from the noise of the lively tourist coast. The important disadvantages of La Manzanera are: a limited housing offer, and high prices.


Very close to La Manzanera is the Canuta area. Here is the Puerto Blanco marina, and a small and beautiful beach of the same name. This area is dominated by low-rise buildings: houses, chalets, villas, and bungalows. There are few apartments, and they are located in prestigious high-rise complexes. You can buy a new construction bungalow in La Canuta for € 360,000.

The price of housing in Manzanera-Tosal and Canuta starts at € 130,000, but sometimes you can find offers for € 100,000. If you are offered housing in these areas, at an abnormally low price, you have to be very careful. These are prestigious areas, the housing offer here is limited, and the price level is high. If the house is sold at a low price, then it has some serious defect.


Maryvilla is a very popular area among home buyers, located in a picturesque, extraordinary location on the slopes of the Sierra de Toix. The area offers magnificent panoramic views of the sea. Here, there are practically no flats, just houses and villas. However, this area has some peculiarities: a significant slope (even within a plot); and it is located far from shops, supermarkets, restaurants, schools, etc. However, if you have a vehicle, distance should not be a problem for you. In addition, you should be very careful when buying land in this area: construction is prohibited in some of them, and it is possible that sellers can hide it.


Oltamar-Cucarres is an area with no access to the sea, but it is quite expensive to buy a home here. The characteristics are similar to those of Maryvilla. Apartments are not available here, only houses, villas and chalets, which cost from € 166,000.

So, which of the districts of Calpe is better to live? This question is difficult to answer accurately. Everything depends on your requirements, preferences and budget. One thing is for sure: if you chose Calpe to live, you made an excellent choice. This wonderful city will not disappoint you. However, it is necessary pay close attention to the area of ​​Calpe where to live. Do not hurry. Explore the city, observe all its areas and corners, ask, read, learn. Try to spend a few days in the chosen area, before making a final decision.

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