The Costa Blanca is a desirable tourist destination: a wonderful Mediterranean climate, white-sand beaches and beautiful coastal towns preserving centuries-old architectural monuments and surrounded by flowering greenery. Today we are talking about the most beautiful towns in Spain on the Costa Blanca and tell you why they are definitely worth a visit.

Costa Blanca: the South and North

The Costa Blanca can be roughly divided into the northern and southern parts. The northern part is located above Alicante and endowed with a variety of natural landscapes: exciting mountain scenery, picturesque rocky bays, pebble and sandy beaches, an abundance of blossoming bushes, coniferous and fruit trees.

There are represented many luxury and high-class housing for those who value comfort, measured life, picturesque vicinities and sporting activities above all else.

The southern part of the Costa Blanca offers wide beaches rimmed with palm tree alleys, healing salt lakes with a unique microclimate and a rich architectural heritage – watch towers, castles, fortresses and museums. You can also find a wide choice of housing for every taste and budget. Consider some of the most beautiful Spanish towns on the Costa Blanca.

The most beautiful towns in Spain on the Costa Blanca: Altea is a fascinating Spanish town with the Russian soul

The most beautiful towns in Spain on the Costa Blanca

  • Distance to the airport: 71 km.
  • Median real estate price: 2099 €/m2 (website, December 2019).

Altea is the first Spanish beauty among other towns on the Costa Blanca. Wonderful winding streets, nearly all of them lead to the sea; snow-white houses are interlaced by flowers and greenery; observation decks overlook magnificent views to the turquoise sea and bays; a spacious promenade is refreshed by a slight breeze. But the main attraction of this inimitable town is the presence of the first Christian Orthodox Church devoted to Archangel Michael.

For whom is Altea good?

For those who want to enjoy the beautiful views of a true Spanish atmospheric town: narrow streets paved with stone, adjoining picturesque houses, observation points and blooming greenery everywhere!
For those who are attracted by the charm of ancient churches: catholic churches, monasteries, chapels – all of that is accessible and admires its landscaping and elegance.

Of course, the Russian Orthodox Church is worth a visit, preferable with the whole family: it is so good to sit in a cozy cafe on the beautiful church grounds, contemplating local scenery and thinking about eternal and light.

For amateurs of art and creativity: there are a lot of galleries, exhibitions and museums in the town. Even on street corners you can become familiar with works by young artists, hear a musical performance or buy a special hand-made souvenir.

Altea on the map:

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The most beautiful towns in Spain on the Costa Blanca: Alicante – beaches, attractions and low-cost housing

The most beautiful towns in Spain on the Costa Blanca

  • Distance to the airport: located in the city.
  • Median real estate price: 1513 €/m2 (web-site idealista, December 2019)

Alicante is a beautiful and beloved by our compatriots city, which has many regular flights to and from Russia; offers a wide range of low-cost housing for the purchase and relax; has good beaches and rich cultural heritage.

For whom is Alicante good?

  • This city is suitable for those who are interested in history and architecture: the amazing medieval fortress of Santa Barbara, the fortress of San Fernando, the archaeological Museum, the Cathedral – these are a few of extensive list of attractions of this city.
  • Lovers of beach rest: the city has several well-groomed beaches with water sports activities; many hotels; a beautiful promenade riddled with cafes and beautiful sea views.
  • For those who want to buy property on the Mediterranean coast, but have a limited budget. Alicante is one of the most affordable cities on the Costa Blanca. In addition, it is a fairly large city and it is easier to find a job here than in other coastal towns.
  • or those who are free to move mobile to the neighboring towns of the Costa Blanca. Alicante is the major transport hub, connecting by regular bus routes, trains, motorways and flights between other towns.

Alicante on the map:

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The most beautiful cities of Spain on the Costa Blanca: Benidorm – skyscrapers and entertainment

The most beautiful towns in Spain on the Costa Blanca

  • Distance to the airport: about 60 km.
  • Median real estate price: 2101 €/m2 (web-site idealista, December 2019).

Benidorm is a unique, modern and beautiful city on the Costa Blanca. It is distinguished by its atypical development for these places – high multi-storey buildings, thanks to which it received the titles of «Spanish Manhattan», «Spanish Las Vegas» and «Mediterranean New York».
For whom is Benidorm good?

  • For those who appreciate the vibrant nightlife: lots of bars, pubs and discos are open all night and won’t let you feel bored for a minute!
  • For gambling men: there are bright casino lights everywhere and beg to try your luck!
  • For athletic and active people: there are water sports, surfing, diving, parasailing and much more.
  • For families with children. Benidorm has three beautiful landscaped beaches awarded by «Blue flag»; the water park, zoo and attractions; green parks with playgrounds and a spacious promenade for walking.

Benidorm on the map:

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The most beautiful towns of Spain on the Costa Blanca: Villajoyosa – chocolate and fabulous scenery

The most beautiful towns in Spain on the Costa Blanca

  • Distance to the airport: about 50 km.
  • Median real estate price: 1627 € / m2 (web-site idealista, December 2019).

Villajoyosa is a beautiful and dreamlike town, as if leaping from the pages of a children’s book. This is a small town that defies the imagination with its colorful houses on the sea side; mesmerizing views of the mountains and the sea; and of course beckoning with its chocolate products – in this small town there are several chocolate factories!

For whom is Villajoyosa good?

  • For families with children, both for travel and accommodation. During the trip you can visit the Museum of Chocolate, a local fair with a huge choice of sweets – children will be delighted! And living here you can count on a high level of security and peace of mind, plus every morning with a cup of hot chocolate and the most delicious churros all along the coast!
  • ·For those who love a measured pace of life surrounded by ancient history: remains of watchtowers and thermal baths; an old church and bright houses in traditional style will fill your heart and soul with a pleasant peace.
  • For those who love beach holidays: lots of well-equipped sandy and pebble beaches, picturesque bays, embankments and cafes you will definitely enjoy your vacation here.

Villajoyosa on the map:

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The most beautiful towns on the Costa Blanca in Spain: Guardamar del Segura – endless beaches and the Eucalyptus Park

  • Distance to the airport: about 35 km.
  • Median real estate price: 1521 € / m2 (web-site idealista, December 2019).

Guardamar del Segura is a beautiful town surrounded by fragrant eucalyptus trees, pines and agaves, located in wonderful parks and alleys. The beautiful environment, clean beaches and wonderful architecture of downtown attract the well-deserved attention of those who visit this town.

For whom is Villajoyosa a good?

For lovers of beautiful buildings and elegant architecture: the Guardamar castle, the Archaeological Museum, the stately city hall, a cozy central square and the functioning temple – this town is worth a walk!

  • For those who appreciate an excellent environment, the abundance of natural vegetables and fruits on the local market.
  • For fans of beach rest: you will find here wide sandy beaches, which are well-equipped and comfortable.

Guardamar del Segura on the map
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The most beautiful towns of Spain on the Costa Blanca: Calpe – conservation areas and picturesque bays



  • Distance to the airport: about 64 km.
  • Median real estate price: 2113 €/m2 (web-site idealista, December 2019).

Calpe has remarkably beautiful natural landscapes, because it is located in a unique natural area with rare animals and relict plants, and the majestic cliff of Penon de Ifach bisects the town and gives fantastic views to those who would dare to climb it.

For whom is Calpe good?

  • For those who appreciate landscapes most of all: stunning views of bays, rocks, the sea and the old downtown.
  • For those who are interested in archaeological finds and architecture: ancient baths and frescoes, a church and a watchtower – all this can be found in walks around the old downtown.
  • For diving fans: in picturesque bays of Calpe you can find an amazing and bright underwater world.
  • For those who are passionate about nature conservation: rare specimens of birds, animals and plants can be found in the protected natural surroundings of the town.

Calpe on the map:

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The most beautiful towns of Spain on the Costa Blanca: La Nucia is a picturesque town for those who appreciate a healthy lifestyle

Photo source:
  • Distance to the nearest airport: about 65 km.
  • Median real estate price: €1409 €/m2 (web-site idealista, December 2019).

La Nucia is not only a beautiful and green town, located on a hill and offering captivating views of the sea coast and mountains. This town provides its visitors and residents with well-developed modern infrastructure and excellent opportunities to keep «a sound mind in a sound body».

Here you will find сhild’s and sporting grounds, tennis courts, football fields and swimming pools, and many sports sections. At the same time, the town surprises with the amount of greenery everywhere, beautiful parks with waterfalls and recreation areas.

For whom is La Nucia good?

  • For those who adopt healthy lifestyle and want to raise physically strong and happy children.
  • For sports activities: this place has everything for any age.
  • For those who appreciate highest standards of comfort: the town places great emphasis on development of technological infrastructure in parallel with the preservation of natural oases.
  • For those who want to enjoy the Mediterranean views and landscapes: great hillside location of the town gives its advantages.
  • For those who could seem insufficient with the beauty from their own terrace, there are mountain routes available, allowing to find your own stunning views of the surrounding area.

La Nucia on the map:

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The most beautiful towns of Spain on the Costa Blanca: Torrevieja – the sea and the pink lagoon

The most beautiful towns in Spain on the Costa Blanca

  • Distance to the nearest airport: about 52 km.
  • Median real estate price: €1369 €/m2 (web-site idealista, December 2019).

Torrevieja is beautiful primarily for its unique salt lagoons – Parque natural de las Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja. The lagoons of amazing pink color are home to many relict plants and rare species of birds. Torrevieja has long been mining for salt, and even has its own Museum of the Sea and Salt. You can also walk along the long promenade to admire stunning seascapes and visit one of the many beaches.
For whom is Torrevieja good?

  • For those pensioners who want to enjoy magnificent views of the unique lagoons, and at the same time improve their health. The main attraction and natural resort of Torrevieja is the pink salt lagoon, which is similar in composition and healing properties of curative mud and water to the famous Dead sea. Wonderful air of the lagoons is richly remineralized and also has healing properties and has healthy effects on entire body.
  • For families with children, for which all the necessary is available: a water park, playgrounds, the beautiful Park of Nations for walking, public and private educational institutions, children’s educational and entertainment centers, etc.
  • For those who would like to feel right at home. Torrevieja is rightly called «the Russian capital»: there are many of our compatriots here and you will not get into trouble with communication, no matter what corner of the town you are in.

Torrevieja on the map:

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The most beautiful towns of Spain on the Costa Blanca: Polop – a wonderful place surrounded by mountains and forests

Photo source:
  • Distance to the airport: about 65 km.
  • Median real estate price: 1720 €/m2 (web-site idealista, December 2019).

Polop is beautiful, first of all, with its pine and oak groves, which are not often found near coastal towns. Nestled at the foot of the mountains, Polop offers to enjoy its splendid sea views and the slow flow of life.

For whom is Polop good?

  • For those who were looking for their own island of privacy in a comfortable, but not popularly known tourist destination, away from the noise and crowds.
  • For tourism enthusiasts: the town offers hiking and mountaineering routes through mountains and gorges, and just half an hour frome here you can find picturesque waterfalls.

Polop on the map:

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The most beautiful towns in Spain on the Costa Blanca: Finestrat – excellent infrastructure and stunning views

Photo source:
  • Distance to the airport: about 55 km.
  • Median real estate price: 2032 €/m2 (web-site idealista, December 2019).

Finestrat is a beautiful and atmospheric corner of the Costa Blanca. Its special features are charming white houses with red tiles in the historical center of the town, modern multi-storey buildings on the coast, captivating views of mountain and sea landscapes. The downtown is located at a distance from the sea, and the district of Cala de Finestrat, located on the coast is closely adjacent to Benidorm, which is another advantage of Finestrat.

For whom is Finestrat good?

For lovers of a measured way of life among the natural beauty, traditional small houses and villas surrounded by greenery. For lovers of history and architecture: the old Church, narrow cobbled streets and picturesque buildings are immersed in an atmosphere of magic and as if transported back to the good old days.

  • For those who like to combine 2-in-1: the peace and quiet of these places is easy to quickly change and briefly plunge into the bustling life, thanks to the neighborhood and good transport links with Benidorm.

Finestrat on the map:

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The most beautiful towns of Spain on the Costa Blanca: El Campello – beautiful beaches and «fish exchange»

El Campello
Photo source:
  • Distance from the airport: about 13 km.
  • Median real estate price: 1782 €/m2 (web-site idealista, December 2019).

Beautiful and cozy El Campello fascinates at first sight: everything is green, clean and well-groomed. By leisurely exploring its spacious waterfront, you can stop by one of the cozy cafes and enjoy the local cuisine made from fresh catch. Or you can go to the famous «fish exchange” and get your favorite fish for your own culinary delights. There are also various beaches, both sandy and pebble, perfectly equipped with everything for a comfortable stay.

For whom is El Campello good?

  • For those who like archaeological finds, the ruins of Arab Royal baths and ancient Iberian settlements, which have been found in El Campello.
  • For families with children: the beaches are beautiful, calm and not overcrowded, the slopes are convenient, it is pleasant and safe to relax with children here.
  • For those who are interested in diving: in one of the picturesque bays of El Campello, you can discover a variety of underwater world and join the secrets of the sea depths.

El Campello on the map:

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If you are interested in one of these beautiful towns on the Costa Blanca, you can find real estate in our catalog or contact our experts who will be happy to help you choose the best place to live and relax.

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