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Construction of houses in Spain on the Costa Blanca is one of the profile areas of the group of companies "Alegria". For more than 7 years our developer company "Alegria" has been building apartment complexes in Spain - residences "Alegria".

We offer a full list of services for low- and multi-storey construction in Spain from the developer "Alegria": from design to laying communications: water and gas supply, heating, etc.

We carry out private construction in Spain - houses and villas, as well as project development and construction - apart-hotels or apartment complexes "turnkey".

Construction in Spain by our company is carried out on individual request:

  • on the purchased land plot,
  • with the ability to search for and buy out the site for construction,
  • with project development and participation of our architects,
  • according to your sketch design.


We provide a full range of services at all stages of construction in Spain. Obtaining a license for construction work in Spain, as well as the necessary planning documents.

Our company provides a full range of services in addition to the organization and control of construction in Spain: advice and services of tax specialists, legal assistance, arrangement and furnishing of houses, maintenance and repair, etc.

Alegria’s construction brigades are directly involved in construction works.

Get acquainted with the realized projects of Alegria company here.


  1. Advice on construction in Spain, investment consulting
  2. Assistance in solving land, tax and legal issues
  3. Search and purchase of construction site (on request)
  4. Legal examination of the purchased land plot
  5. Support of purchase and sale transaction
  6. Registration of construction license
  7. Architect's and Aparejador's services, including city hall visa services
  8. Acquisition of construction materials, search for contractors
  9. Full control of construction, which is carried out through the construction teams of Alegria
  10. Assistance in all matters of economic activity, etc.


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Let us begin with the fact that there are three levels of development of the budget for construction in Spain:

  1. Presupuesto de Ejecución Material (PEM) - project cost of construction. The first level, which includes the cost of materials needed to build a house.
  2. Presupuesto de Contrata (PC). To the cost of materials and services are added the costs and fees of the construction company that will implement the project: Gastos Generales (13%) and Beneficio Industrial (6%) + VAT (10%). Experts recommend consulting with different construction companies as the difference in cost may reach 50% for the same project.
  3. Presupuesto Total (PT) - final budget. Taxes, license fees, etc. are added to the PC.

  1. Purchase of land for construction (if you do not have it).
  2. Engineering-geological survey of the site.
  3. Design development of the house.
  4. Obtaining the necessary documents (building permits, insurance, etc.) and payment of fees.
  5. Directly the construction. You can build yourself by hiring specialists for certain types of work, or hire a contractor who will fully take over the management of the process. In this case, the total cost of the house will be about 30% higher.
  6. Laying communications (electricity, water, sewerage, ventilation, etc.).
  7. Finishing (external and internal) and landscaping.
  8. Receiving a certificate of completion of construction work, which is produced by the architect-technician (Certificado de final de obra).
  9. Obtaining a license for first occupancy (Licencia de Primera occupacion) in the relevant local department with the payment of the necessary fee (about € 250). Compliance with the regulations (Cédula de habitabilidad).
  10. Notarization of ownership and payment of the necessary taxes: VAT (10%), stamp duty (0.5%) + notary fee (about 1%) and property registration fee (0.5 - 2%).
  11. Signing contracts for light, water, gas, etc. - about €200 for each.

Of course, construction in Spain should begin with the purchase of land. Perhaps this is the largest expense item. Before the crisis, buying a plot of land accounted for about 30% of the budget to build a house, but now the situation has changed, and experts say it’s about 40%.

In addition, finding a suitable plot with all the necessary characteristics and permits for development is currently not easy: demand exceeds supply, and land prices are quite high.

A very important point: once you have chosen a plot of land for purchase, before entering into a contract of sale, contact the City Council (Ayuntamiento) of the municipality on whose territory it is located and ask for information on whether development is allowed on this plot, and what the maximum size of the building that can be built here (area and height). You should also check the land for encumbrances by requesting an extract from the private property registry (nota simple). In addition, you should make sure that data such as the area of the plot and the name of the owner, specified in the contract of sale, coincide with those in the register of private property.

The total cost of building a house in Spain with an area of 120 sq.m. will be about €168 000. The cost of a ready-made house may vary, up to €200-300 000.

Alegria Alegria Alegria

Why people trust us

support of the transaction process Special conditions for customers

We provide most of our services to our customers for free. You do not need to pay third parties for supporting the process of buying real estate in Spain - opening a bank account, transferring and apostille documents, paying taxes, obtaining a residence permit and NIE - foreigner numbers, etc. We save your money, and related services are included in the work plan.

We work in different languages Multilanguage services

65 specialists of the company "Alegria" speak English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian and other languages. We fully cover the needs of foreign clients in choosing and buying property on the Costa Blanca, solving domestic, legal and immigration issues.

troubleshooting Warranty service

When buying new buildings Alegria, we offer free warranty service and maintenance of the object in case of any domestic issues. Our company has a special unit - the elimination of problems is carried out by Alegria staff experts, not through a service provider.

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